Samsung saves you from the car accidents with this new application [Exclusive Guide]

10:40 pm April 28, 20176367

in order to encourage drivers to not use their phones while they are driving, Samsung is preparing to launch In-Traffic Reply. Currently available in the Netherlands only, this application becomes active when the user is on the road and automatically sends a response pre-defined if you receive call or SMS.

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if it is commonly agreed that it is dangerous to use a phone while driving, a recent study shows that 88% of drivers use their smartphones during their journey . A rather maddening figure, which reflects our obsession to communicate constantly, regardless of the risks.

Aware of this dangerous phenomenon, Samsung for a solution of comfort to the “drivers-textoyeurs’, developing a new application that will take over when they are on the road. As a reminder, the use of phones while driving is prohibited and it is also possible to be cited unwittingly by camera .

In-Traffic Reply: the application responds to your contacts when you drive

focus on the road, we take care of the rest ,” this could be the slogan of In-Traffic Reply. Using GPS Smartphone on which it is installed, the application is able to know if the user is trying to drive .

A “response” mode then activates and is responsible for send messages when the user receives text messages or calls . These responses may of course be pre-defined: thus, it is possible to replace the austere and very serious “ I’m driving, I can’t answer you for the moment ‘ no other texts or emojis more fanciful and customized.

Currently in beta to the Netherlands State, In-Traffic Reply should join the store of Google Play from the middle of the month of May. In the meantime, don’t forget that the use of smartphone at the wheel, either call or send an SMS, represents a risk for the driver, but also for other motorists.