Samsung prepares my iMessage for Android [Exclusive Guide]

3:58 pm November 17, 20166075

Samsung which for always been used to offer its own services even if do sometimes overlap with those of Google will soon launch a new instant messaging application. A kind of iMessage for Android based on the RCS (Rich Communication Services) standard that would compete with WhatsApp and other e-mail clients.

samsung imessage

Samsung for just announced the acquisition of the Canadian company NewNet Communication Technologies specializes in communication RCS services by way of press release. A protocol allowing envoys of SMS ‘improved’ as is already possible with Google Messenger or iMessage since version 2.0. In comparison to the standard SMS that for aged a little, the many advantages since the RCS allows:

“Benefit from experience in messaging tip with features such as improved calls, group chat and the ability to share and transfer large multimedia files and photos high resolution”

Interestingly Samsung also evokes my will accelerate the deployment of the RCS. If this purchase can already assume that the South Korean manufacturer develops a new messaging application, this last statement suggests that it will probably not be reserved only to its smartphones but Samsung prepares an equivalent of iMessage for all Android smartphones, and even to other platforms.

In 2011, Samsung had already launched a customer e-mail to the name of kitten which, for some time, had more than 100 million users but the service eventually close its doors, cannibalized WhatsApp and other e-mail clients by . We hope that this second attempt will be more successful.

Note that Google Messenger 2.0 which is available since late October allows already to send and receive messages based on the RCS Protocol. However, this feature so far reserved to the Pixel and Pixel XL Google and Nexus 6 p but only operator Sprint customers have access to these new features.

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