Ridigio simplifies marketing content for SMEs

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content marketing now simplified thanks to the offer of Ridigio

while nearly nine out of ten marketing managers say use marketing content (based on the Content Marketing Institute), SMEs have more than ever interest to use it to promote their activities.

baptized, a new service simplifies this process is now available to allow you to easily obtain quality inbound-oriented articles and thus to attract your customer target.

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you want to learn step by step how I managed to generate more than 1 million visitors to my sites in 2015

the principle of Ridigio

become a major issue for small businesses on the Internet content marketing is a valuable asset in their communication strategy.

If you wish to enrich your company blog with content interesting and useful to your target, the service offered by Ridigio is likely of interest to you.

some companies, especially among SMEs, have not the means to produce the content in-house. Ridigio caters to them by providing them with the services of my team of professional writers , able to write articles of quality on more specific subjects.

you place orders directly with your account manager that he takes care of everything (you don’t have to manage the work of the generalist editors as on writing platforms). Account deals then select from their bank of editors already tested one that is the most specialized in your field.

a Ridigio content marketing specialist also handles optimization articles for a better ranking on Google.

the advantages of this service

Ridigio pulls out of the game by providing a service adapted to the marketing content for business blogs . Unlike conventional competitors, the site counts among its employees that editors specialized in their respective fields and so able to produce unique, useful and of interest to your target content.

in order to ensure the quality of articles , strict and demanding writing conditions are communicated to all professional writers with whom the Agency collaborates. In addition, the items are designed in close collaboration between the staff writer with your blog and the content of Ridigio marketing specialist.

a guarantee of quality that will allow you to receive articles that have the best chances of attracting a maximum traffic to your site.

the benefits of Ridigio to small businesses

a claim a certain level of expertise to bring the desired results. Ridigio puts at the disposal of SMEs of the custom items that go in that sense, relying on the expertise of its editors.

the credibility and relevance of articles are required to achieve a happy, effective marketing. It is the main asset of Ridigio, whose writing services are all designed for professional blogging.

Finally, SEO optimization is essential to attract visitors to your site. The Agency control this area, and undertakes to provide combined items of good visibility on search engines.

Ridigio is a must-have solution for entrepreneurs looking for quality articles. This service will you make your life easier and help you to achieve an effective content on your professional blog marketing.