Resize, crop, crop and convert (and much more) images in mass [Exclusive Guide]

2:07 am January 15, 20176518

If you have the habit of regularly handle image files (whether you are photographer, graphic designer or simply to manage the family photos), you’ll probably needed one day resize, crop, trim images but especially a same series identical actions on a group of image .

To do this, you could of course use Photoshop and many others paid tools. But there are very simple and mostly free software that allow you to carry out this type of action very easily.

Under Mac OS , if you know a bit the excellent Windows software XnView you should know that there is another software called XnConvert . This software is available on Mac OS but also on Windows. It is free and allows you to perform lots of changes of mass on your images .

To use this software, it’s very simple. Simply go through each tab then click on the button convert when you have chosen your settings. The principle is even if you are on Windows or Mac OS version.

Start by choosing the images to process.

Then set the actions you want to perform on the images by clicking on the add action button: resize, add a watermark, normalize, retouch… I will not go through them all there is really a lot of options so you will undoubtedly find ones that interest you!

Once it’s good you can check the preview before and after for each image. Handy if you want to check on the first that the changes are in line with what you want to do in the case of very large batches of images. 🙂

there is so to choose the output format of your images: does overwrite the source files, change the extension of the files that will be created, rename the files by the way… Again, there are so many options that you should find your happiness. 🙂

another highlight of this software that you would use it on Mac OS or Windows, is that you can define different profiles image processing. This means that you can set a series of actions to play it on other photos. It’s the drop which is visible all down in the application.

For example, I use this software for several types of actions that I used to play regularly again:

  • share photos with loved ones . If you use a digital SLR, the generated photos sometimes weigh tens of MB (by file). With XnConvert, I resize so all my images to reduce their weight and be able to send them by email or on Flickr (or alternative). In this case, I don’t do that resize my images and I rename them to add the suffix ‘_light’ at the end. But I still have the metadata, the extension of origin, etc.
  • Photos for sell on eBay . I regularly sell on Internet and photos for your potential buyers are very important. I resize the photos before publishing on eBay for better integrated in HTML in the body of the announcement.
  • Illustration images / screenshots for the blog . In this case, the goal is simply to add a watermark on the images of an article all to automatically insert the logo of the blog (comme vous le voyez sur les précédentes images).

For the rest, I let you test and imagine your use cases. Below an overview of the Windows version.

Download XnConvert (site editor)

in Windows , you can also use Light Image Resizer software . Long distributed free of charge for non-professional users (il y avait simplement une pub àle lancement dele de logiciel) , it is now paying (for any user)-slightly less than 25 euros.

You will find overall all XnConvert features but with the advantage of a GUI friendlier and better organized (my opinion anyway).

Download Light Image Resizer (site editor)