Remotr: playing Overwatch on your smartphone with this free app [Exclusive Guide]

9:39 pm April 15, 201713341

many players dream of playing Overwatch on their smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, Blizzard does not have a mobile version of its game, and no application available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone happens to her ankle. By chance, the free app Remotr allows you to play this fantastic FPS on any mobile device.

remotr overwatch smartphone tablette android ios windows

since its release, the game fascinates Overwatch. A large community of players is captivated by this competitive FPS, point of wanting to play even while on the go. It is certainly possible to use a laptop by connecting 4 g, but this solution is not really practical. In addition, even if the Store is full of quality video games , none provides the same sensations as this one.

However, there is an application that allows you to play to Overwatch on smartphone, tablet or Smart TV running Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Baptized Remotr, this perfectly functioning if they are well configured application.

Unfortunately, it is that a customer who only stream of video games from a server application installed on your computer. Therefore, you will need a Windows PC, Mac or Linux and free WiFi to be able to indulge to the shooting of Blizzard game (or any other PC game) on your mobile device. Do not expect to be able to play to Overwatch in a park or on the beach.

Remotr: an application to play streaming on Smartphones and tablets

on the other hand, if you are near your PC, you can play on a mobile device using touch controls customizable or an external controller for smartphone . This application for the advantage of being completely free and fully functional.

To use it, download the Remotr Streamer application on your computer first at this address . The software will automatically detect your games Steam, Origin, EA, Blizzard, and Glyph. Control presets are already configured for the most popular games, but you can change them at your leisure.

It you just have to create a Remotr account and connect the mobile to the PC application. The process is not very complicated, and does not require so further explanation. If you encounter a problem, do not hesitate to consult a tutorial on YouTube.