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the Device Manager of Windows for an option in the menu show hidden devices. To display but really all hidden devices and old drivers, you must unlock a further option.

by placing a particular environment variable you can cause that all inactive devices are listed with the option really. The driver can then be delete to create problems out of the way to clean or simply place this way.

so you can show all inactive devices

you must ensure that when starting the Device Manager the variable is set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices to the value 1. There are two practical methods.

1) occasionally via batch file

  1. insert with an editor such as Notepad a file of alldev.cmd contact, which for following content:
    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1
    start devmgmt.msc
  2. you save the file to any location, about the desktop.
  3. run the file by right click and select the option run as Administrator . The Device Manager is called thus.
  4. in the device manager that show hidden devices option, select from the menu view.
  5. in the Device Manager, now some displayed entries translucent devices as easily be represented – that the formerly active devices.

    Alle inaktiven Geräte anzeigen Beispiel
    Before and after: The option displays old equipment again.

  6. right click on the entry and select uninstall you can get rid of old drivers then.

2) permanently by fixed environment variables

to get the full display of the old driver in the long term, enter the environment variables set in Windows:

  1. type an “ambient” in the search box in the taskbar, and then click the site edit environment variables for this account .

    Umgebungungsvariablen fürs Konto
    Enables you to define new environment variables.

  2. , use the button new
  3. another variable name you the variable “devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices” and type you “1”.

    Umgebungsvariable anlegen
    So, the Device Manager shows also old drivers.

  4. perform a restart of the computer.
  5. now, the Device Manager the call through your user account at the activation of the show hidden devices option displays always the complete machine park. Including all old drivers.

you need a list of all drivers in writing? How you can read here: Windows shows all drivers installed on the system .

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