Raspberry Pi Zero W: the new benchmark for hackers on Sunday? [Exclusive Guide]

1:19 am March 1, 20177163

the Raspberry original Pi is 5 years old today. For the occasion, the Foundation is launching a new model: the Raspberry Pi Zero W, with the W wireless (wireless).

credit: Adafruit

Raspberry Pi Zero W: Wi – Fi and Bluetooth integrated

Raspberry Pi Zero W is a variant of the Raspberry Pi Zero integrating Wi – Fi and Bluetooth. It will be marketed at the same time to Pi Zero v1.3 (sold 5 dollars or 5.50 euros), at the price of $ 10 or 11 euros.

it hosts to do the same controller as the Raspberry Pi 3, a Cypress CYW43438, offering more precisely of the Wi – Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0. In renewing this chipset, the Foundation provides immediate support: distributions that support Wi – Fi and/or Bluetooth of the Raspberry Pi 3 are automatically compatible with this new miniature computer.

a formal case

the Foundation took the opportunity to launch an official box, plus or minus 6 euros, using the aesthetic codes of the Raspberry Pi 3. Three variants are available: a full version, a version with an opening for the official photo/video sensor, and a version with an opening giving access to the GPIO pins.

the Raspberry Pi 3 dethroned?

with this new variant of Wi – Fi and Bluetooth as well as with this official case, the Raspberry Pi Zero for a great revival of interest.

now it is much better for public uses such as the emulation of games video, the media center or the Player audio multiroom (with a hat such as a Pimonori DAC pHAT). With distributions such as Recalbox , Retropie , LibreELEC or OSMC ( Kodi ), now just a microSD card, a micro-USB charger, a micro-HDMI cord and a Bluetooth controller or the remote control to the TV via HDMI CEC.

no need to key USB Wi – Fi, USB Bluetooth key, so no more need adapter USB OTG and USB hub, which totally cancelled the miniaturization of the Pi Zero.

in sum, the Raspberry Pi Zero W is likely to replace the Raspberry Pi large format media player of hackers of the Sunday title. The Raspberry Pi 3 retains the advantage of a much more powerful processor for the emulation of some platforms.

price and availability

the Raspberry Pi Zero W is available now at Kubii , official dealer for France, for the price of 11 euros. The distributor offers also different kits for 20 to 30 euros.

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