Protect your site in WordPress with the plugin SecuPress [Exclusive Guide]

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installing a plugin that allows to improve the security of its site in WordPress is something very important to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition to the solution ithemes security that I have developed in detail in another article, I present here SecuPress, a plugin very powerful to improve the security of your site.

SecuPress the best plugin to secure my site?

SecuPress is a plugin developed by WP media is that allows you to secure your WordPress site in depth.

this plugin is truly a little “Nugget” for the security of my Blog. The basic version of this product is very simple to configure, explanations about the flaws that the plugin fixes are very well detailed.

SecuPress: A plugin complete to secure your WordPress site.

simply secure my site

with this extension you can just secure your site and understand the different security points to improve thanks to the explanations.

1 – scanner site

in a first you’ll have to scan your site so that the extension detects the improvements to it. The scanner allows to validate 35 points of security around 6 categories, namely:

  • users and login : strong password, connection errors hidden,…
  • Plugins and themes : check for updates, out-of-date plugins, plugins vulnerable,…
  • heart of WordPress : updated version, cleanup of obsolete files,
  • sensitive data: site does not reveal important information, the readme are not harmful,…
  • virus scanner: rights on the correct files, the site does not reveal the list of files,…
  • Firewall: PHP update queries blocked,…

scanner your with SecuPress to see the points of improvements.

following this first scan, your site will receive your first note of security. Note that very likely to not be very high if you use for the first time this kind of plugin.

2 – AutoCorrect

then you will be able to launch the AutoCorrect on different security issues encountered during the scan.

nothing with this operation, you should improve your score significantly and thus simply solve your valuable site security vulnerabilities.

simply, AutoCorrect corrects many flaws.

3 – manual correction

it is quite possible that the AutoCorrect cannot solve all the problems on your site.

for this manual correction focuses on the corrections to be made by your care to further improve safety.

the extension notifies you “manual” to bring your site improvements.

4 – report of resolutions

following the previous steps, you will know your new note. If all goes well you should have improved your score.

the main screen allows you to see your current status.

modules additional

Although the free part of the extension allows to significantly improve the security of your site, you can optimize it even more by opting for the premium version.

with this version you will get additional modules for the extension. Namely:

  • Virus Scanner

  • backup
  • Anti Spam
  • alerts
  • planning
  • additional options in the other modules

mode premium to get additional modules.

learn more about premium rates .


this solution to improve the security of its site on WordPress and in my opinion one of the best currently available. It allows to make a full assessment of the security of a site under WordPress and allows us then simply solve many flaws.

one of the important points with this extension, is that she explains in detail the points to improve. This aspect adds a side teaching very interesting to better assimilate aspects of WordPress security.

If you don’t know that she install applications to secure your site in WordPress don’t ask more question, SecuPress and the solution. Thanks to the WP Media team for this great plugin! 🙂

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