Presentation of hard drive 2, 5″ Netac K330: 500 GB / 1 TB [Quick Guide]

5:33 pm March 15, 20177315

today ‘ today, I present to you the external hard drive Netac K330 2 “5, available in 500 GB and 1 TB that I just bought. In my usual, it goes through the “test” box before use. 🙂

this is a standard external hard drive to format 2 “5, compatible USB 3.0 (so a single connection for data transfer and feeding of the disc).

Of dimensions:

  • size: 122.8 mm × 76.2 mm × 13.2 mm
  • weight: about 300 grams

side Design, I find it simple and elegant:

netac-02 netac-03

note the extra touch of the emphasis of the logo which lights up blue when the drive is connected :


performance, this is not an SSD, the latter usually offer very interesting performance. For change, I made my tests under Ubuntu, which natively for a benchmark service, please go to “Disk” (“Disk” in English) and select ‘benchmark’ under the icon representing a gear:


here is the result of this benchmark for the hard drive from Netac:


it will be for me a hard drive which I’m not going to use a lot, my goal is to store important data in case my SIN’d me fault! 😉


you will find this drive on the site Banggood, as said above, it is available in different sizes (500 GB and 1 TB), especially at the price of €80 for the 1 TB version: drive hard Netac K330