Popcorn Time: the Android app will undergo a facelift in June [Exclusive Guide]

10:04 pm May 10, 201712848

Popcorn Time, the pirate service to watch movies and TV shows streaming via torrent, unveils its new Android application scheduled for release in June. No change on the principle, but a huge facelift to match the application with the guns today observed. Like what, piracy flourishes.

Popcorn Time

internet piracy is wrong, of course, but is also closely related to the existence of the network. Since computers are connected together, fuse data and there is no time where normally copyrighted content were not shared.

The real problem isn’t files be shared, but sharing becomes easier and easier leaving anyone to enjoy. That is why the Hadopi was created in France to try to fight it, but this does not prevent the platforms to evolve still more.

PopCorn Time 3.0 fully reviewing its design on Android

this is the case of PopCornTime.io, the most used fork currently, who for decided to revise completely the design of its Android application. The goal is to embrace modern design, while legal VOD platforms arrive finally to grow.

you can actually see a big change in its interface, that becomes much clearer and seems to inspire a lot of Material Design. This update is scheduled for the month of June.

We however do not know what it will be for Android PopCorn Time TV version , which would also need of improvements of any kind.

This update however proves one thing: while the film industry welcomed the closure of the service, he quickly returned in force and now allows himself to evolve to more meet the expectations of the users. Evidence is that combat the sharing is in vain, and that we have rather to surpass him as does Netflix.