Photos resize on which you want to shrink Mac

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photos on Mac? It’s simple – no matter whether the image in JPG, PNG, TIF, or another format is: the preview program expects the pictures down.

to shrink an image on Mac

  1. click the icon with the right mouse button and select open with – Preview .
  2. click Tools – enter size correction how to shrink the image. A percentage value is preset.
  3. choose for example a value of 30 percent to shrink the image to one-third its size.
  4. so long proportional resize active, the input fields are coupled to each other. Suitable to enter width or height, the preview calculated always the appropriate value of the other side.
  5. , click OK to start shrinking.
  6. If you don’t like change, you make them with [ command – Z] undo.

read here how you further reduce the file size of photos .

Tip: the preview saves all changes to the images. Therefore, it makes sense to copy the original images before changing!

Fotos verkleinern in Vorschau
in the preview, you can easily shrink photos.

The options in the images resize


  • instead of select percent you can enter other units when you shrink, for example pixel or cm , to crop the image exactly to your needs.
  • for publishing images on the Web you should choose pixels as the unit of measure.

size selection in Customize on

  • in customize, consider to: select a pre-made size also.
  • if in addition proportional resize is active, each uses the value of the longer edge as a measure.
  • if so an image for example 790 times 1162 is pixels, it is with the selection of 800 x 600 on 408 times 600 dots down count.

size proportional and resample image

  • normally let proportionately size turned on. Otherwise would distort the image. Only in some exceptions, for example, if you want to stretch a line, turn off the option. Resample image
  • should be also active otherwise change only the resolution of the image in pixels per inch .

multiple images at once reduce

  1. first creating security copies of the original image on.
  2. select all images in the Finder and open the preview with the images (the easiest way that goes with [Befehl – O] ).
  3. turn on then the sidebar preview with representation – miniatures , in the then small thumbnails of the loaded graphics are.
  4. click once in the left side bar. [Befehl – A] to highlight all of the files.
  5. then you can shrink described the pictures as above about size correction tool.

photos in the Terminal out with SIPs

  1. create backup copies of the original photos to.
  2. programs/Terminal open.
  3. then change to the folder in which you are the images, whose size you want to change.
  4. then enter following command:
    sips z 300 *
  5. to the tap on [Return] SIPs starts directly with the work.

the z means: the longest side (so the height or width) of the images should be 300 pixels tall. The other side is reduced accordingly proportional. The 300 are available here for number of image points. With * apply the command to all files in the folder. If you want to resize JPEG files only, select according to

sips z 300 * .jpg

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