Photos from the iPhone via airdrop send

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a current iPhone or iPad can copy pictures and videos to a Mac via airdrop. Read how on the iPhone to airdrop in this manual.

on the iPhone airdrop transferred to the photos use

to send a picture via airdrop, proceed as follows:

  1. run the app photos on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. you select the image or images that you want to transfer.
  3. button (the rectangle with the arrow upwards) tap the parts of .
  4. now, see the image the possible recipients of the airdrop. (If not, you have to turn even that – see below).
  5. , tap the icon of the receiver and the file transfer begins.
Symbol für Airdop-Übertragung
symbol for Airdop transmission

first must airdrop reception on the iPhone switch

on the iPhone or iPad the airdrop active.

  1. Insert Control Centre in the image on the iPhone ,
  2. is tapping airdrop
  3. select only contacts .
Airdrop nur für Kontakte
airdrop to contacts

airdrop reception on a Mac turn

  1. open the Finder and click to airdrop.
  2. as next, click below in the window I’m visible for and select only contacts .
  3. your Mac as a receiver is

  4. now.

find the pictures sent from your iPhone or iPad in the download folder of your Mac.

Sichtbares im Airdrop-Ordner auf dem Mac
the photos in the folder downloads land visible in the airdrop folder on the Mac

on the target machine.

by the way: the procedure also works in the other direction: drag images from your Mac to the icon for your iPhone or iPad in the airdrop folder. The images are then stored in the photos app of the iOS device.

requirements for airdrop

for airdrop between IOS and you need current hardware OSX devices. We have posted our description based on an iPhone 5 and a MacBook Air by mid-2013. With our old iPad 3 or an iMac by 2011 does the procedure described here unfortunately not. ( ). Also need at least OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 exist.