Page Builder: the best builders page free for WordPress [Quick Guide]

2:59 pm April 3, 20179799

in May 2011 was one of the first “ Page Builder ” for WordPress, certainly one of the pioneers in the field, I named Visual Composer ! Since then, the way was open to many other builders of pages: premiums, for free, of freemiums!

Some are more popular than others, some are more maneuverable, others are… and if we discover together what are the best “Page Builder” available on WordPress plugins directory?

page Builder by SiteOrigin

Site Origin - plugin

SiteOrigin is a company that creates themes and plugins which most is available for free from the WordPress Repository. With Page Builder by SiteOrigin , you can easily create complex and effective layouts for the back-end as the front end. The advantage it offers is its ease of import layouts “pre-made” (layouts) that will save you valuable time! Then, you need to change the content…

This plugin layer on the “import with 1-click” method that offer usually WordPress premium themes . The basic version will offer you a big choice of modules (widgets), but you can enrich it with the bundle Widget available for free… the most demanding of you can turn to add – ons!

Site Origin - widgets bundle

In addition, I noticed two very valuable features and which are rarely available in the other “Page Builder”: allows one to choose where to insert the layout (before/after/at the place of the WordPress editor), the other allows to define if the columns of a section must be displayed from left to right or from right to left when the site goes into responsive (mobile version).

Site Origin - test

  • A composed pack many Add-ons is available for $ 29 for 1 site and 1 year of updates
  • 24 unwearable layouts in 1 click
  • Publisher: front-end & back-end
  • output: prior to 2015
  • number of active facilities: + 1 million
  • see the plugin


Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Elementor is very recent – it for less than a year – and It is very promising! If he had to say one thing: it is on-pre-nant, it would give even a few wrinkles to other manufacturers of pages… but I’ll tell you more! Indeed, at first glance, I find the slightly complicated modules to set up, but as my test, I discovered a whole bunch of options specific to each module: the padding, margin, box-shadow, police, text-transform, icons, HTML tags to choose from, the ability to add a Class and ID CSS, not to mention the colors and so on

more , with Elementor , not only you can insert up to 28 modules, but you can also import, 1-click, close 48 layouts pre-defined (in the same way as the builder of SiteOrigin). You could even compare these layouts to available on ThemeForest premium templates. To test urgently! Still a few minor negatives: the construction of your pages can be done in the frontend (Visual mode) and WooCommerce compatible modules will be available in the pro version that the price is a little high compared to other builders.

Elementor - test

  • A pro version is available starting at $ 49 for 1 site and 1 year of updates
  • output: may 2016
  • 48 unwearable layouts in 1 click
  • Publisher: front-end only
  • number of active facilities: + 60000
  • see the plugin


King Composer - plugin

KingComposer is a drag and drop builder which is managed from the WordPress administration (back-end) the feature at the front end is only available in the pro version of the plugin. Easy to take in hand, is intuitive to use and works in the manner of Visual Composer: extra lines, blocks and modules…

In fact, not less than 40 modules are available as the “Flip Box”, the “Googgle Map”, the “Tweeter Feed”, the “Hover Effect” etc… Each of these modules offers a level of very thorough setting that will allow you to get pretty much everything you need. We can say that KingComposer fulfills its mission…

King Composer - test

  • A pro license is available starting from $ 29 for 1 site and 1 year of updates
  • exit: April 2016
  • Publisher: backend only
  • number of active facilities: + 10000
  • see the plugin

Beaver Builder - plugin

is the Page Builder ‘locked’ on this list, but its number of active facilities (+ 200000) leads me to believe that it is still appreciated! Indeed, put except that the free version offers only 5 modules (widgets) content and the price of the pro version is rather excessive, we must still admit that Beaver Builder for some advantages…

The construction of the page is fluid and the use of the builder’s intuitive. No loss of time searching the configuration options, there is little but are effective and centralized in one place. Each block may be accompanied by its own CSS and Javascript code (the addition of Javascript is not often offered in the “Page Builder”) which is a very good thing if you want to customize within your site.

In addition, you can choose the modules and sections to appear according to the terminal of the user (responsive) and if the visitor is connected (useful if your site offers premium content available only to subscribers).

Beaver Builder - test

  • A pro license is available starting at $ 99 for an unlimited number of sites and 1 year of updates and support
  • output: 2014
  • Publisher: front-end only
  • number of active facilities: + 200000
  • see the plugin

Live Composer

Live Composer - plugin

Live dial allows to build the pagination structured 37 tunable modules. Everything happens at the front end with widgets available in a banner at the bottom of the screen: slide, we drop! In addition, you can add some free add-ons, through a registration email, such as animations or the “embed video”.

As for the use of e-commerce modules, of “before and after”, of “Linecons” etc… It will go to the premium version. At the beginning we use Live dial , we’re looking for a little, we grope but it remains still fairly intuitive.

Live Composer - test

  • A pro license is available starting at $ 40 for 1 and 1 year of updates and support site
  • release: January 2015 on Code Canyon / September 2015 on
  • number of active facilities: + 40000
  • Publisher: front-end only
  • see the plugin

in conclusion…

This list is not complete, there are still a few others on the WordPress plugins directory , not to mention the plugins all also very appreciated premium as the Divi Builder , among other things, which is very intuitive and easy to learn!

You can also find the Fabrice conference on the subject at the WordCamp Paris 2015.

How about you? I’d be curious to know what is your preferred Page Builder