Our selection of the best explorers of files for Android [Exclusive Guide]

9:20 pm November 7, 20167010

distinguishes Android from other systems, it is my freedom. The system is open and allows access to everything or almost. But to access the files present in your devices, a file Explorer application is necessary. We have therefore prepared a small selection of the best apps of the kind.

gestionnaire fichiers android

Android for a size advantage over iOS. It allows you to navigate smartphone or its tablet as it does on a PC. This can be useful when you need to find or delete a file quickly. There for it have an application made for that. Here is our selection of the best explorers of files to Google’s OS.

ARE File Explorer, the reference

important Note: the last update ES Explorer contains an adware very disturbing that hides behind an option meant to boost the battery charge. We left it in the top of due to its great popularity, but nevertheless, we do not recommend installing the latest version.

es file explorer

with more than 300 million downloads, ES File Explorer is probably the most popular file manager of the Store. It must be said that between its intuitive interface and its ease of use, there is not much we can blame him. In addition, it is rather rich in features and allows copy, move, rename or delete almost everything you want.

It also features a fairly effective cache cleaner and all kinds of tools. A file Explorer that is multifunctional and suitable for most of you.

Google Play

leader Commander, a modular interface

file commander

in a modern and uncluttered interface that shows leading Commander, File Explorer integrated by default to Sony Xperia smartphones but found also in the Google Play Store . A flexible interface that offers an effective integration of the cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. In addition, since its last update, it can also open the compressed archives. Finally, the trash, (unfortunately only available in the premium version) allows easily restore files deleted by mistake .

In terms of functionality, it is not necessarily better than the other (at least, not in its free version) but both friendly and customizable interface remains very significant.

Google Play

MK Explorer (File Manager), the nicer to use

mk explorer

in the Store Play top rated applications, include MK explore (File Manager), a file Explorer that does not not part of the most popular but, indeed from the best. Rather successful, its Material Design interface is also very functional.

As for proposed features, they are really numerous. Remembered particularly the double window display that allows to facilitate the movement of files, support for RAR and ZIP archives, or the compression of files in format ZIP . In addition, icing on the cake, he manages to perfection the USB connected in OTG.

google play

MiXplorer, the most complete


MiXplorer is not a file like any other browser, because to download it, it is not within the Google Play Store it will go but on the XDA forum , on the other hand , it is simply awesome and brings together the best features of competing explorers.

Not only these are many, starting with data encryption, support for cloud services, or even the ability to tag your MP3 files, but in addition, it is super fluid and customizable . Try emergency!

Amaze File Manager, for those who like the simplicity of

still little known as fairly recent, the Amaze File Manager application is very interesting. Open source, it is 100% free and without ads and compiles in an interface Material Design fluid and light features. All the basic options are a tool for rootes smartphones of the part as well as . Very simple to use, it should bring happiness to all those who are looking for an effective file browser allowing them to achieve key basic operations.

google play

Astro File Manager, efficiency first and foremost


Simple and effective, Astro allows you to access all of the files in your smartphone and supports almost all of the services of cloud as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, and even Facebook (which by the way is not a cloud service). It also allows you to to move files from one cloud to another .

It will also highlight ease of use since thanks to its sorting options, it is possible to find a file based on its size or its name. An accessible application that accomplishes its mission very well.

Google Play

Solid Explorer Classic, the most reliable

Simple and fluid, particularly since the adoption of the Material Design, Solid Classic Explorer appears somewhat like the ideal solution for those wanting to search their files quickly and well. An application that does not lose in ancillary features (although it still integrates services of clouds) but that does what you told him to do. In addition, it can also connect to your PC or to a FTP server for better life easier.

You can even stream music or videos stored on your PC to your smartphone where to move files of a support or a cloud to another service by simple drag and drop.

Google Play

our top best Android 2016 applications

File Explorer, two windows at hand

File Explorer

resolutely oriented productivity, File Explorer for a great advantage over its competitors. It will display two windows of files at the same time, which considerably facilitates the movement of files which are not made drag / drop, like on PC. Ergonomics rather appreciable when you need to move your files manually.

Furthermore, in addition to display two windows on its interface, it also allows to keep others aside. Finally, it supports many formats of files, cloud services and FTP servers, can even unzip archives.

Google Play

Amaze File Manager: he is aptly named

as firm Beta which for disappeared from the Store but that was one of our favorite, Amaze File Manager adopts Material Design. The interface is clear and uncluttered, simple and Messaging. One of its assets is that this is an application open source . Overall, Amaze File Manager offers the same benefits as firm Beta but with a more regular follow-up. We love. So, try the application free.

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