Orange Pi Win (new): Allwinner A64/64 bit – WiFi – Bluetooth 4.0 – LCD – support eMMC [Exclusive Guide]

1:36 pm March 30, 201713045

Orange Pi Win is the latest addition to the family of Orange Pi. This is the first model from the manufacturer to offer one 64-bit ARM SoC integrating a Allwinner A64 (based on the A53 Cortex). This quad-core SoC is backed by the GPU Mali400MP2 . The frequency is not specified but it should be at least 1, 2 GHz, as leBCM2837 that equips the Raspberry Pi 3. The other big news in the family of Oranges, is the support of the Bluetooth 4.0 . It necessarily had to go through a USB dongle to Add Bluetooth to the Orange. This lack is now filled. WiFi and Bluetooth are supported by the AP6212 of AMPAK ( technical documentation). Icing on the cake, the AP6212 incorporates an FM radio receiver. The Orange Pi Win is available now on the shop Aliexpress €23.50 (+ €3.80 postage)

Orange Pi Win is a very credible alternative. On paper, it for everything to please. Unlike other models of the manufacturer that ship up to 16Gb memory eMMC, Pi Win for a dedicated connector that will add compatible cards. Orange Pi adopts the same strategy as Odroid . At the moment no card is available on the store. Allwinner A64 taking also supported support (LVDS [email protected]) LCD screens, we now find a connector for LCD.

Here is a little table for comparison with the Raspberry Pi 3.


IR receiver


orange pi win allwinner a64 cortex a53 raspberry pi3
Orange Pi Win Raspberry Pi 3
SoC Allwinner A64 BCM2837
Fréquence 1.2GHz 1.2GHz
Quad-core X X
64-bits X X
Mémoire 1GB 1GB
Support mémoire eMMC X
Bluetooth 4.0 4.2
WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
connector IPEX external antenna X
Ethernet 10/100 / 1000 M 10 / 100 M
USB 2.0 4 4
HDMI [email protected]
GPIO 40 pines (1) 40 pine
USB OTG (5V power) X X
connector camera 2MP (2) 8MP
microphone X
power [] button X
receiver radio FM X
audio X
connector external battery X
Debug UART X
average price (including shipping costs) about €27,30 about €40

(1) Not compatible with the camera of the Raspberry Pi. You must use the 2MP camera sold by Orange Pi, which limits the value of the connector.

(2) connector compatible Raspberry Pi B +. The connector is (always) turned by 180 ° compared to the Raspberry Pi!

Top view

orange pi win cortex a53 bluetooth top view
Source: OrangePi

view from below

orange pi win cortex a53 bluetooth bottom view
Source: OrangePi