Optimize content for SEO, 8 tips in an infographic! [Exclusive Guide]

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Optimize content for SEO, 8 tips in an infographic!

infographie contenu SEO

find out in an infographic, 8 basic tips to optimize content for SEO and get the best rate possible click in search results.

Google has confirmed it recently, the content is one of the two factors most important positioning according to him, he must be optimized to best to hope for possible SEO traffic coming from search engines. This infographic discusses tips to optimize it.

computer graphics proposed by ExpressWriters returns to the fundamentals of content for SEO optimization .

here is a summary of the 8 SEO most important tips to well optimize content:

  • watch out for your density of keywords (avoid keyword stuffing), avoid as far as possible to have more than 3% of your words that are your targeted request. Use synonyms to dilute to the maximum.
  • when using data from authority sites, do not forget to cite your sources with a link (dofollow preferably)
  • optimize your titles (Hn tags). These titles are the perfect place to add keywords and synonyms (careful not to overload them, this must be the most natural and readable as possible)
  • optimize your Title and your Meta description tag. If the Title balsie still plays a very important role in positioning SEO of a site, it is also very important to encourage a good CTR (click in search results rate). The meta description is she less important but may also have a role to play to get a higher click rate.
  • create and publish content 100% unique (watch out for duplicate content, Google Panda is not far away)
  • publish content over 1000 words (differentiate you competitors who stay at the 300 word limit to the extent possible)
  • fix the grammar and spelling
  • release more often possible and on a regular basis

this infographic failing other aspects of optimization-site essential for hope have a good positioning SEO, do not hesitate to consult dedicated to the on-page SEO infographics .

here’s the full infographic from ExpressWriters on optimizing content for SEO:

infographie optimisation contenu SEO

optimize content for SEO, 8 tips in an infographic!

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