Office 365 Service Health: The dashboard of the status of services [Quick Guide]

6:59 pm March 7, 20177061

Microsoft took advantage of this in early March to enrich its offer Office 365 to a new tool intended for administrators of holding Office 365. This tool called ‘Health Service’ is presented in the form of a dashboard to check the State of health of the different Office 365 services, in more detail than before.

The Redmond giant indicates that in an on-premise environment, if there is an incident, you will investigate and solve the problem. By trusting Microsoft to host critical services, you expect in return a rapid resolution of the problems, but also visibility on current incidents. It is the goal of Office 365 Service Health .

For incidents, the tool shows you a full description and a follow-up concerning him, as well as a very important information: the number of users within your holding.

Moreover, the history of incidents over the last 30 days is accessible from the dashboard. To help Microsoft assess the usefulness and relevance of the information offered, you can do a feedback on each advisory.

To retrieve this information with PowerShell , you can use the module O365ServiceCommunications