Obtain the MAC address of a NetScaler appliance to activate licenses [Exclusive Guide]

8:14 pm April 12, 20176813

as you probably know, the license Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop are dependent on the hostname of the server on which the license server is installed. That is, when the generation of vote licenses on the portal file you must specify the hostname of this server in order to generate a compatible license file for your installation XenApp and/or XenDesktop.

In the case of a NetScaler appliance , you will have to use address material (sometimes called vendor address ) or MAC address when generating your license file. 

It is a sequence of numbers and letters grouped by series of 2 characters sometimes separated by two dots or dashes (en fonction dele de matériel en question) .

To do this, connect in SSH on your appliance and run the following command:

 lmutil lmhostid 

you will get a return that includes the following sentence:

 The Flexnet host ID of this machine is "xxxxxxxxxxxx" 

the part to use on the Citrix page Host ID corresponds to what is show in the quotes. 🙂

you can also find this information via the GUI by going to System then System information then look Host Id .

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