Number26 evolves and becomes no. 26 Bank, what does it matter? [Exclusive Guide]

3:33 am November 11, 201610206

A little less than a year ago, I introduced you a new player in the banking industry in France: Number 26. This German startup offers many benefits such as being able to pay and withdraw money abroad without paying any fees. Today, Number 26 is changing to become no. 26 Bank but what does it matter to you? Here is a summary.

No. 26 Bank becomes a real Bank

this may surprise you but before September 2016 , Number 26 was not a Bank as such but just a startup. Of course, we had a account and a card credit but they were not offered by Number 26 but by Wirecard Bank .

FYI, Wirecard Bank is a company based in Germany that for a banking license. It therefore offers its services to many startups and it includes for example: Curve, Orange Cash, fighters, Mondo and many others. It is a relatively simple solution to start a business!

However, this solution for some drawbacks. It was not possible for example to have a savings account, insurance, consumption credits, etc. By becoming a real Bank, Number 26 is more than a third and can go further in the banking experience.

Two new credit cards

this change also inaugurated the launch of two new credit cards: No. 26 Black and Business No. 26.

The first card, the No. 26 Black , matches premium version of the basic card no. 26. This is one Mastercard World Elite which includes travel insurance, insurance against theft of smartphone and an extended warranty for a year on specific purchases. It is proposed in 5,90 euros per month is 70 euros for the year.


Of course, the design of the map for been revised for a matte black that seems to be the most beautiful effect. It will be available mid-November 2016 in France If you are interested!

The second card, the No. 26 Business , is a new version for professionals. It is free rest and for the same conditions as the basic map No. 26 with one exception. A notion of cashback appeared in the presentation, you save 0.1% on all purchases you make.  If you are freelance, this card is made for you.

I left for my part on the basic card because I use only a few times in the year, mainly for my stays abroad.

Changes in the rates and conditions

I noticed also some significant developments in this change to no. 26 Bank. Here is a summary of the main points:

  • the No. 26 Bank account remains free.
  • The classic No. 26 card will be paid from the 30 November 2016, count 2.90 euros per month or 29 euros in the year.
  • Payments abroad (eurozone or not) remain free whatever the card.
  • Withdrawals abroad (outside the euro area) are now paid to 1.7% of the amount withdrawn (except for the Black No. 26).
  • The replacement of a card is now charged 10 Euro .
  • Your IBAN will change with the transfer of the account.

If you want to see detailed rates, you can go to this address .

How to migrate to no. 26 Bank?

If you want to keep your account with no. 26, you must migrate your account before the 30 November 2016 , otherwise, your account will be terminated unilaterally.

You must first respond to an email that you have received you to send a photocopy of an identity document other than this proposed registration. It could be for example a french identity card, a driving licence or a card.

Then you will receive a new email inviting you to do the transfer in the application. You will be then asked to confirm your mailing address to receive the new card and to accept the new conditions.


It will then be patient to receive your new card, count to 2 weeks! However, there will be no downtime during the transfer, it will take just to activate the new card.

Want to test the service?

If you are interested to open an account, no. 26 offers a sponsorship system that saves me 10 euros if I invite you. It’s a good way to thank me for my articles for example!

For that I sponsor you, it is not complicated. Just sign up from this link or send an email to [email protected] with your contact information or mention on my Twitter account ! I would usually answer you in the day.