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your computer logs “NTLDR is missing” or “BOOTMGR is missing” and no longer boots up? Then, read here how to solve the main problem.

NTLDR is missing simple cause can have

the simplest cause may be a forgotten medium of the drive from which your computer will start:

  • diskette in drive
  • CD or DVD
  • USB-stick

in this case should it be enough to remove the media and restart the computer. Incorrectly set

BIOS order

another possible cause: an incorrect boot order in the BIOS.

  • in this case, restart your computer and open the BIOS settings.
  • then you restore the proper boot order.

NTLDR and MBR automatically recover

the cause is often a broken master boot record, MBR short.

you can restore but just the MBR.

  1. run your PC with the installation disk, you see the big button to install about the DVD of Windows 7
  2. after the confirmation of the installation language. The leave but left and instead click on the computer repair options.
  3. now searches the repair program for the existing Windows installations and after your confirmation automatically performs an examination and repair. In most cases, it works after that with the launch of Windows again.
computer repair options

NTLDR and MBR manually restore

doesn’t work it out with the automatic, you can try to restore the necessary modules for booting via a command line utility.

  1. start the repair options, as shown above, select the Computerrepaturoptionen and run system recovery options.
  2. go

  3. here command prompt on the last point.
  4. there are not individual tools for the various areas

  5. in contrast to earlier versions of Windows. Instead, they are grouped together under a new command called bootrec .
  6. as soon as the command line appears, you enter the following three commands in a row:
      bootrec / fixmbr   bootrec / fixboot   bootrec / rebuildbcd  
  7. restart the computer.
Windows 7 Wiederherstellungsoptionen
Windows 7 recovery options
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