Norskale – VUEM agent installation and Configurations [Quick Guide]

8:19 pm February 23, 201715231

I. introduction

in this article I will introduce the console Norskale by performing a few configuration items, but also the installation of the agent on a client computer.

This tutorial Norskale follows the first on the subject: Norskale

II. Creating a site VUEM

from the start menu, run the administration console Norskale and click on ‘Connect’:

fill in the name of the server that hosts the base of the broker and click ‘Connect’


then choose your site, you can use the default or create a new one. The latter is to fill in the agent setup. Very convenient if you want to apply settings based on your operating systems:


III. Installation of the agent

run the agent installation: norskale-partie2-p05

follow the steps in the installation wizard:


and click Finish at the end of installation:


now we will configure the agent to assign a broker and a site. This step can be performed by GPO. Norskale provides the necessary ADM/ADMX.


Since the Norskale console, you can see the list of servers having the product, but also to see the list of users who have signed in.



IV. Agent Norskale configuration

in the tab “ hand Configuration ‘ check the modules to activate. Useless to all check if anything for been configured in advance, so you will earn seconds to the launch of the agent because he will not have to check everything.

Check the boxes of the modules to be applied to the opening of the session, but also to enable the agent to start up, reconnect and if you want to activate it for administrators.

In the ‘Reconnection Actions’ tab you have the option to choose the modules to refresh to the reconnection of a user who may be different from those checked at the connection:

configure options for the agent as you wish, for my part I have activated: logs, offline and cache usage etc.

you can also hide the splash screen at the launch of the agent, but also customize the latter (the ‘Preview’ button to see the result):

a very practical option which will allow users ‘ send an incident to support through the Vuem agent:

V. Configuration of actions

A. adding actions

there are many possible actions: add shortcuts, printers (import from a possible print server), key in registry, network drives, etc.

for example, add the shortcut of this application locally, but also on a network share. For example I want to add the Notepad application. To do this simply go to the Actions menu / Applications and right click on the ADD button and add the necessary information. Remember that you can put an application in maintenance.

Now we need to assign this action to a user or a group of users in order to apply the configuration:

step 1: Add a user/group: (Menu Configured Users)

step 2: assign a user/group to one or more actions: (double-click the user or group of users, select an action and click the button “>”)

allow this window appears for you to filter the assignment. Having only a single filter (rule), which is the default, the assignment will be to everyone.

After clicking the button OK here is what you get:

can be seen in the “Available” part that Notepad is no longer present since the application for been assigned. The right side, you can find our utility processor with the ability to place our application where we want (on the desktop, in the start menu, etc…)

These steps are to be performed for each action.

B. Creation of rules and conditions

now, do a tour on the filters. A filter is a rule, and a rule must contain one or more conditions.

There are more than 40 conditions. In our example I will create 2 to differentiate fixed-line and mobile phones:

then I will create a new rule by adding new conditions using the button “>”:

Finally I’ll edit the filter group for the notepad app currently published to everyone. In advance you will need to remove the assignment to recreate since you can’t change the filter Group once the latter applied:

refresh your agent to see the result:

the user can remove the shortcut if it wishes. However if you want to force the display of an application, for example after a new connection or a refresh of the agent it is possible:

C. manage setting up the environment and profile user

If you wish, you can manage the users and administrators work environment (see box n ° 1) by hiding the menu applications start (see box n ° 2). You can also apply a default theme (see box n ° 3).

For example left before the change of the working environment and right after:

it is true that this part is however a bit redundant with Microsoft strategies.

You can also manage the user profile using Microsoft USV, which includes ways to centralize the profiles of the users making redirects.

You can also use Citrix UPM, which allows you to stream the user profile, exclude files/directories, manage profile at the opening and closing of the Windows session:

VI. Optimization Norskale Vuem

to optimize your post physical or virtual, Norskale allows you to optimize the CPU, RAM and I/O from your drive while managing your processes for more fluidity.

A. setting CPU optimization

according to the recommendations Norskale, the ‘CPU use Limit’ value must be divided by the number of CPUS. What values ‘Limit Sample Time’ which defines the duration of the process exceeding the limit CPU and ‘Idle Priority Time’ which sets the time during which the process will be prioritized, they can set up at your convenience. For my part I let them default.

According to Norskale, the value “CPU / Core use Limit ‘ must match the number of CPU less 1 because Vuem will be placed on one CPU and optimize other . As say you that if you have only a single CPU is not need to configure this part. 🙂

now you can enable the CPU and IO optimizations where for the latter you can manage a priority of the IO for specific processes from the ‘Io Management’ tab. Finally if you wish you can also exclude processes by using the Add”” button.

B. setting optimization memory

memory optimizations will allow to query the programs to see whether they really need all the memory they could allocate and thus decrease the percentage of RAM used.

C. setting optimization process

finally Vuem allows you to prioritize your open process, so if the CPU is loaded to 100% and you want to open an Excel file, the agent will switch all low priority processes and switch to Excel high. The result is stunning.

Small demo:

VII. Conclusion

I just finished this article of introduction to the features of Norskale. The real plus of this application is the optimization that will allow you to add more users on your servers, but also on your little physical machines. However you must absolutely exclude the agent of your Anti-virus because this last does not appreciate that a clever boy plays with the process. 🙂