Nokia 3310 (2017): grip, a mix of nostalgia and modernism [Exclusive Guide]

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the new Nokia 3310 was announced yesterday at the MWC 2017. With this new model, Nokia resurrects the most famous mobile phone in the world. A model released almost 17 years ago and that all the world or almost can boast to have possessed at the time. He is now back with a bigger screen in colors and a new design more slim. Is this new model at the height of my predecessor?

nokia 3310 prise en main

grip video of the new Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017

the Nokia 3310 is back for the best and especially for the nostalgic. He is now armed with a 2.4 inch color display, the physical keys on the original model are always present and the phone turns on a real OS, Series 30 + developed by MediaTek.

nokia 3310 gris

the battery is always at the rendezvous, it for even been multiplied by 10 with 22 hours on appeal. Standby, it would take a month. Sure, it may seem impressive, but keep in mind that this new 3310 is, in any case, a smartphone but a simple mobile phone. We of course appreciate to find the classic Nokia ringtone as well as the cult classic snake game which keeps my side ‘vintage’ despite a redesign.

nokia 3310 snake

a multicolored design given to the taste of the day

the other highlight of the Nokia 3310 was its customizable design. The hull front and rear of the unit were detachable, thus it was possible to change the color and the look of the device through the purchase of a new shell. A feature retained in 2017 and that it is really appreciable.

of course, the original design was handed to the taste of the day, the screen is now a bigger place but the traditional physical keys are always in the same place despite a slight redesign and part. They maintain at least the same feel as the original when you press them. Here again, we appreciate!

nokia 3310 rouge

in the end, we faced a mobile phone at the same time modern and vintage to the almost timeless look. If Nokia aimed to offer both a retro and futuristic design designed to satisfy nostalgic, it is pretty good since this new model combines brilliantly nostalgia and modernity.

as for the legendary strength of the original model, she always seems to be the part. If from the outside, this new model may seem a little ‘cheap’, in reality, he is nothing. Besides just take the camera in your hand to feel the impression of strength. In addition, when you disassemble the shell, we see that Nokia for kept almost the same internal structure. No problem to do so, it will hold the shock without problem!

Note that the phone also wins a camera with LED flash on the back. However, with its 2 megapixels, he won’t go so far and probably not beyond that offered the first phones with built-in 2000s camera. Too bad, it was a good try!

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but really needs a 3310 in 2017?

If this 3310 resumes the qualities of the original , it’s the bare minimum. Mean by this that it is not more suited to the uses of today as its predecessor, particularly in terms of connectivity since it is limited to 2G networks, 3G and 4G remain so absent. Suffice to say that if you were hoping to use 4G modem for your tablet, it’s not! However, you can connect to the internet directly with the phone but only in 2G.

he will, however, always the case as a backup phone. The price of 49 euros makes it rather attractive and it is clear that the more nostalgic will easily crack.

nokia 3310 bleu
nokia 3310 blanc
nokia 3310 autonomie

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