Night photography on smartphone, is now possible [Exclusive Guide]

9:11 pm April 27, 20177882

with the Google Nexus 6 p, and more recently with the range Pixel, Google for demonstrated its expertise in photography on mobile. The last work of a Googling , show real progress in the field of night photography . Besides, it is already possible to achieve impressive shots of the night. Demonstration.

golden Gate Bridge, Nexus 6 p and a software created by Florian Kainz (Google)

with its Pixel , Google had already shown us that it was possible to significantly improve the quality of the photographs without changing of photo sensor (Sony IMX378 found on the Xiaomi mid 5s ). In terms of photography, the Pixel have nothing to envy to the S8 Galaxy and iPhone 7. Google smartphones are excellent photos, especially when HDR + is mode

Nexus 6 p

one of the engineers behind the development of Google working precisely on an application dedicated to night photography. The idea is to facilitate access to the manual control over exposure, focus distance and the sensitivity of the digital sensors compared to the light (ISO). The software can then create up to 64 images at once, and then assemble them. It is a technique widely used in photography, as you’ll see next.

Nexus 6 p

you can find a few examples of photographs taken by Florian Kainz in my Google album + .

how to make night-time photographs with a smartphone?

it is already possible to make photographs as the engineer Florian Kainz, with most smartphones and the material that we have within our reach. The tips below can be given by all the photographers, these are basic tips. 

capture in RAW

need you, foremost, a smartphone capable of photos in RAW . It is a file format for digital images, without real cuts. You have access to more information to edit your photographs. Still know that you can get very good results with JPEGs, but you’ll have to multiply clichés to assemble in order to have enough information to deal with.

a significant opening

choose smartphones to cameras with a wide open (f/1.7 to f/2.2). Simply to get more light in the sensor.

download a dedicated application

you will need a dedicated application , we recommend Camera FV-5. The latter supports RAW format, and allows you to manually change a number of settings, like exposure time and ISO. The paid version for Android is very complete, it offers advanced levels of control similar to a DSLR. It is the only application that allows to reach long exposure times, up to 64 seconds.

use the manual focus

the focus is sometimes a little frustrating for astrophotography. Use the manual focus instead of the auto focus. Orient here on infinity. 

stabilize your smartphone

use an accessory to stabilize your smartphone . Our best advice is to use a tripod, there are small, but you can still use elements of your environment to stabilize your smartphone. Personally, I use regular items of street furniture, such as a wall for example. 

Arkon mg2tri

one of my favorite accessories is this Arkon tripod . It is solid and practical, its higher price is more than justified.

optional: edit your photographs

optional: If you want to get nocturnal photographs pushed, like those of the milky way voice for example, need you to achieve several shots in a row, then edit and assemble the photographs with a software. Most of the time, Adobe Lightroom to do this job with little knowledge. there are the “Lightroom presets” which will facilitate. 

the milky way within reach

you’re not convinced? The photos taken by photographer with a OnePlus One should convince you. The last for made a few photographs in the American desert of the Milky ( Milky Way in English). The result is less clear than the snapshots provided by Google, but engineer OnePlus One for now more than three years.

OnePlus One, 30 seconds, f/2, ISO 3200, Assembly of 4 JPEG

OnePlus One, 32 seconds, f/2, ISO 3200, Assembly of 4 photographs

Nexus 6P