«««Network connections – quickly view a command call

1:45 am May 3, 201710745

some functions and options are well hidden in Windows. The network connections for example have you clicking through to quite long. The method presented here, however, quickly work out and shows the window network connections on all versions of Windows!

network connections quickly using the keyboard call

  1. press viewing the keyboard shortcut [Windows – R] to the run window.

    Start Ausführen ncpa.cpl
    This command brings the network environment on the screen.

  2. ncpa.cpl , type the command and press the button [Return] .
  3. immediately open up network connections.

    Das Fenster Netzwerkverbindungen
    The network environment on Windows 10

you have here all the PC network adapter overview and can in this way see what adapters are connected, find out your IP address in the LAN , or change the address so that you get a static IP address of . Solve

network problems in the window network connections

If you click one of the displayed links, changing the bar above and indicates possible actions for the respective adapter like about link to or network device clear .

there is also an option for the case that an adapter is malfunctioning. In this case, click on the entry of the device and choose the action above examine connection from.

Verbindung untersuchen
in case of problem, you can start an inquiry directly from the network connection out.

A utility that makes a repair attempt starts. If the hardware is defective, the program can not heal naturally the problem, but this method help often jammed software settings or similar problems.