Netflix will double the quality of videos on mobile without consuming more of data [Exclusive Guide]

11:06 pm March 2, 201711730

Netflix made an interesting announcement at MWC 2017. The SVOD giant intends to significantly improve the quality of the videos offered streaming through its mobile application. Through the use of a new codec, the VP9, quality will be multiplied by two, a codec interesting in the sense where it requires half the bandwidth, you will eat so not more than data.

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Netflix: the quality of streaming video on Android will improve!

During MWC 2017, our colleagues of Android Central had the opportunity to meet with the product Vice President of Netflix, Todd Yellen, who told them that the company was preparing major improvements within its mobile application. In the past 12 months, the mobile for become a priority for them and they still want to improve their Android app.

If in some countries as the Japan and South Korea, users benefit from the faster 4 G connections to the world, in some markets like the India, internet connections are still very slow. One of the reasons why the company for decided to introduce a new codec, the VP9 which presents the advantage of being open source.

With the VP9, Netflix which offers a mode offline recently made a stone two strokes. Either the quality of the video remains the same but the application consumes two times less data , or the quality of the video is multiplied by two, but for a consumer of data which is equivalent. In a first demonstration using two Nexus 6 p, the company for proposed two streams of the same program, first used the current codec, the second the VP9.

At the end of this first test, it was found that, not only the VP9 used two times less bandwidth but in addition, it offered a better quality: less artifacts and a greater level of detail. Then a second test was conducted. On both screens, the quality was similar but the VP9 used two times less bandwidth (277 kbps) than the original codec.

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the company said then that it had already begun to re-encode its library in VP9. All users of the mobile app is able to enjoy them in the coming months.

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