Netflix: streaming UHD incompatible with the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 [Exclusive Guide]

11:58 am April 6, 201715360

bad news. Netflix for just confirmed that the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 do not support streaming UHD, despite their screens HDR. Disappointment into perspective for fans of the service.

netflix streaming uhd hdr galaxy s8 lg G6

the information was directly confirmed by Netflix from the US site Phone Arena. Despite their HDR screens, the new South Koreans LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 flagships are not compatible with the UHD of Netflix streaming. However, as Netflix announced previously, streaming HDR will be supported later LG G6, and therefore probably by the Galaxy S8.

Some of you will ask probably what the fact that 2K of the G6 and the S8 Galaxy displays do not supported streaming UHD may be disappointing. Know that the Mobile HDR S8 Premium certified screen and the screen Dolby Vision of the G6 could just same takes advantage of the streaming of 4K.

Indeed, Mobile HDR Galaxy S8 Premium certification is the equivalent of the certification required for 4K televisions, with only difference a lower resolution. The S8 Galaxy and Galaxy S8 + support the essential gamut of colors DCI – P3 when used in movie Mode, and can reach 610 nits or even 1000 nits brightness in certain conditions.

Netflix: soon caught UHD streaming supported by Galaxy S8 and LG G6

even if the Galaxy S8 is not able to reproduce all the pixels of the UHD streaming, therefore able to reproduce the same colours and the same levels of contrast. Dolby Vision of the G6 LG HDR10 screen , meanwhile, is based on a different technology, but is also capable of reproducing the 4 K HDR content.

The happy buyers of a Galaxy S8 or a G6 will be disappointed at not being able to enjoy the HDR streaming immediately, but will only have to take their pain with patience. In addition, Netflix plans other ways to optimize its content for smartphones. Suffice to say that Android users are not left behind.

As a reminder, Netflix currently offers 20 series in HDR and Dolby Vision: Iron Fist, Samurai Gourmet Cosmis Laundromat, Chefs Table, Abstract, Sparks, Santa Claira Diet, Luke Cage, Knights of Sidonia, Jessica Jones, DareDevil, The OA, Meridian, Hibana Spark, Chefs Table France, Marco Polo, The Do-Over, The Ridiculous 6, and Marco Polo. We are sorry for the fans of these series.