Netflix is going to improve the streaming of the series on mobile [Exclusive Guide]

3:23 pm March 17, 201713385

Netflix which offers its services of streaming on all platforms is currently preparing a surprise for Mobile Android and iOS, especially lovers of its original series. Here for a while, the service should offer versions of its programs specifically tailored for mobile devices through its application screens.

netflix series android

Netflix will soon offer ‘special mobile’ versions of my series

the list of series produced by Netflix continues to grow. We note particularly the essential House of cards or even One day at a time , not to mention partying at home: 20 years after for the most nostalgic. Series that we consume as well on our TV than our mobile screen. Of course, the rendering is not the same and that society in a conscience, reason for which she now plans to offer versions specially adapted to mobile.

Conscious that some scenes make pretty well on the big screen and much less well on mobile, the size of the screen making some less visible ways, society for in mind to propose edits exclusively for mobile. In this regard, my product manager, Neil Hunt, said our colleagues from The Verge :

“it is not inconceivable to take a master’s degree and realize a different Mount for mobile. This is something that we will explore in the next years. “

Netflix that allows you to download movies and series on micro SD for continued to improve its proposal for mobile. The above quoted statement was made as part of an event mainly dedicated to the shooting of the new Iron Fist series shot in HDR. These versions specifically fitted for mobile won’t not immediately, but in the meantime, Netflix should improve the quality of streaming video on Android .

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