Netflix is blocking its app to the smartphone Android rooted, how to fix? [Exclusive Guide]

3:59 pm May 15, 20177697

In recent days, the Android of Netflix app is blocked because become incompatible with smartphones rooted or unlocked bootloaders. However, it is possible to circumvent the block, through the download and installation of an APK. We reveal the procedure later in this article. 

netflix android indisponible blocage

the Android of Netflix app for become unavailable on the Google Store for smartphones that have been rooted or unlocked. In fact you are likely to get a message, by reading the record of the application, telling you that your phone is incompatible with the version of the Netflix app. This incompatibility is related to the arrival of the download for reading off-line content. 

If your smartphone is not eligible for SafetyNet, and so Android Play, you may not be able to access the application. Since version 5.0, which dates from mid-May, the application depends entirely on the Google Widevine DRM , according to the information provided by Netflix to Android Police. However, this DRM works that Android is intact. In fact if you handled your operating system, the application you will not be accessible.

Possible workaround via an APK

at the moment, if the application is already installed, it will run when well even a rooting or an unlock will be operated. If this isn’t the case, you can get the Netflix application through the download and installation manual of an APK without going through the Store. To install such APK, you can visit the website APK mirror with a simple Google search. Once you have downloaded your APK, you’ll probably need to change your settings by selecting ‘unknown sources’ to proceed with the installation.

There is a second method. It comes through publishers website. The site will offer, as is frequently the case, to download its application to have direct access from your smartphone, and without going through the phone’s web browser. You just click on the APK, once it downloaded, to proceed with the installation. And, voila, you have access to your movies and series to infinity, wherever you are.