NAS ASUSTOR: ADM 2.7 is available! [Quick Guide]

10:11 pm March 8, 20176219

ASUSTOR for just released the latest version of its system operating ADM happening in version 2.7, two months after the release of the beta. Let’s go together around new features to the ADM in this version.

  • Automatic updates

it is now possible to automatically install updates of the ADM and the applications, without going through a manual release. An interesting novelty especially for applications, but in a production environment, it seems important to not realize the update automatically.

You can set up a schedule on which ADM must rely to trigger updates.

There is also an update of the Linux firmware, so indirectly from the heart of the ADM on the sin of some series (31, 32, 50, 51, 61, 62, 70). This new version stabilizes the core and improves its performance, especially for graphics. This version of the Linux kernel date October 2016.

The same as Synology and QNAP, ASUSTOR NAS support now PPPoE protocol that allows between other to recover directly distributed by the ISP IP address and thus to access the NAS without going through the router.

Redirection in EZ Connect rules will be generated automatically based on the applications, but you keep control despite everything that can enable or disable rules.

Native file Explorer to the ADM is now able to mount a network connection to a CIFS share, which allows to facilitate the transfer of data by the network between multiple hosts. A relevant addition.

Like any updates, it also includes bug fixes.

See the changelog ADM 2.7