My transition from iOS to Android with the Nexus 6 p [Quick Guide]

11:53 pm April 2, 201714778

I found you today for a little feedback. About a month ago I abandoned my iPhone 7 order to re-test in depth Android with the Nexus 6 p: a good phone offered by Google, yet to date and without overlay. Advantages, disadvantages, here are my feelings after 1 month!


first revisit the context before entering the heart of the matter. Why leave iOS and to which phone? Going soon 7 years that I use iOS and I started to feel a little weary, especially when you see what is happening in the competition, in this case Android with all services at Google.

iOS is a good system but Android is very strong on the proactive side, be a true Wizard and deliver you the information at the right time (traffic, view a scene information, track your parcels, aggregation of the news on a trip, etc).

For the phone, we can say that we have a choice. However, I was looking for a specific product which here’s my criteria :

  • phone without overlay manufacturer
  • phone under Android Nougat (7.0 mini).
  • Good camera (similar to the iPhone).
  • Affordable price.

After looking on the web, the Nexus 6 p matched my criteria. So I started looking on craigslist and I came across a good deal at 1 h from me: phone under warranty with all accessories for 300 euros . It is gone so, Android adventure begins!

Getting started with Android

the first impression is positive, especially with Android Nougat . I didn’t worry to find my favorite Android apps, everything is present with the exception of a few blockbuster such as Workflow, Fantastical or iMovie (but I used them shortly).

The big job however was to pass all of my services from Apple to Google . I was already using Google Maps on a iOS but it was Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Keep, etc. Why change everything? I didn’t have to do, I found it however more convenient to test and get the best out of the Android experience.

That’s also because I wanted to migrate my address iCloud at Gmail for some time (same for Google Calendar). I just spent an evening then to update my email address on my web sites (with 1Password).

Overall, the first impression is really good : the system is reactive, the management of notifications is simply perfect, Google Now does a very good job (vs Siri), Google Photos is also great. In short, that the good on the software side!

Impressions of the Nexus 6 p

I had chosen this phone because it was one of the few on the market that met my criteria above. We had alerted me on the large screen size (5,7 pouces) but I wanted to test this phone still.

Unfortunately, after a few days of use, I started to be disappointed. Firstly, the phone is really great and I think that the passage of a 4.7-inch screen (iPhone 7) to a 5.7-inch display (Nexus 6 p) was a little radical. A one-handed operation becomes impossible and I not tell you when it’s in a pocket…

I was also very surprised to see that basic, the smartphone not show me no more information on the screen . This is the purpose for me to a big screen but no, no matter the app, I have exactly the same density of information displayed on my iPhone and my Nexus 6 p. It took me to go in the settings to reduce elements and thus see (a little) more things on the screen.

Continue on screen, I found that the color rendition was not top top (especially in the photos) and he was sorely lacking brightness (in daylight quite difficult), I think that it is directly related to the technology AMOLED but it really hit me.

Finally, camera I was also a little disappointed. I love taking pictures on my phone every day or travel. I need something quick, simple and allowing me to have a good quality. I found that the Nexus 6 p was a little slow in taking the pictures and that it doesn’t work is from time to time on the exhibition of a photo (UN).

In summary, I am a bit by the side hardware with this logical Nexus phone would you tell me, I compare an end of 2015 phone to an iPhone 7, which for only a few months. This allowed me however to really know my needs to know: a good screen a good camera and 5.2 inches max.

Balance sheet of this switch

this small period of transition for been very interesting. I realized how much Google was in advance via their services whether Gmail with Google Calendar or Google Photos, a very good experience on the software. On the other hand, it’s more the hardware that disappointed me with a phone not adapted to my needs and my expectations.

So I cut the PEAR in half looking back on my iPhone but with more applications Google in . But it’s totally stupid you say? Well not so much that I find, I have both the power of Google apps and the good hardware at Apple, it’s a balanced choice. I am really on the lookout for new phones coming out this year as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel 2 .

In addition, spending on Google services allow me to change more often of phone that’s for testing or other, which wasn’t the case before with my email iCloud and company. So I got my Nexus 6 p on sale and I took advantage of this to change my console and buy a PS4, hop hop, well reinvested money! 🙂

I hope this little feedback you like, if you have any questions or comments, use the comment box, it is made for that! Good week to all.