My opinion on My Seedbox, seedbox provider which breaks the price! [Exclusive Guide]

1:20 am October 31, 201613250

We meet today to test a new service that offers seedboxes prices for a little more than 6 months. First quite surprised by the price, I decided to test My Seedbox for about 2/3 months to realize the quality of the service. Discover the whole!

My Seedbox presentation

I do go over the presentation of a seedbox in her even, we already talked several times on the blog (use the search if you need just above right). My Seedbox , a new entrant in the market, comes and breaks literally House!

The offer consists of three formulas as you can see below from 0 euros/month to 10 euros/month . I tested for my part intermediate supply offering 250 GB of disk space, access to Transmission for download and Plex for streaming to 2.99 euros/month.


Quite honestly, the free offering 15 GB of disk space is out from the beginning. I think it’s a loss leader to invite people to migrate to the higher bid. However, the team is responsive, and after a few exchanges seen on Twitter, you can test a seedbox for a few days!

Administration interface

when you order a seedbox, delivery is really fast, 2/3 minutes only to receive the email with instructions. You can then access the administration interface to manage your seedbox.

It is from this that you can change customers torrents, activate or Plex, create access to retrieve your files in FTP, WebDAV or other. Overall I find it all quite ergonomic and easy to use.


Initially, Plex installation was rather complicated because a Plex server was installed for each user. There was therefore a fairly complex configuration phase. My Seedbox changed method for a few days and works now as Useed , that is to say: share libraries Plex with a user.

I think it is a good thing in terms of resources but unfortunately we lose completely the hand on the Plex server configuration.

Use of the service

I used My Seedbox for about 3 months in order to watch movies and series.

Let’s talk first about the part download torrents . I found the whole quite unstable both on the software on the rates . You can download up to 60 MB/s for example and the following download only 4 MB/s . I also had many times of the problems to access the interface Transmission or with errors ruTorrent 504 or 500.

For the streaming video , My Seedbox offers two solutions: Plex or Emby. So I went on Plex already using this solution everywhere! Initially, I had no problem and I was able to read without problems of large files in 1080 p.

Unfortunately, they encounter a true charging problem Server and for failed me several times to read a file in quality 720 p for example. On the other hand, if you test to launch the streaming in the middle of the night, you will have no problem. I find it quite unfortunate because as the majority of the french, we watch movies and series on the night of the hit, it’s pretty frustrating.

Finally, the support is rather responsive and listening to changes/improvements. They respond generally in less 24 hours at your request.


after a few weeks of use, my opinion on My Seedbox is enough mixed . On the one hand, the service is really attractive on price considering the proposed storage it’s clearly unbeatable. On the other side, the service is really unstable and looks more that one is currently in a beta phase. It is partly for this that I decided to migrate to an offer managed completely by myself.

I also think that the price offered is too low today for the proposed provision. I even proposed several times to have a service that cost 2/3 euros more expensive and be stable rather than having a price that breaks the market but with the instability that goes with it.