Multichannel marketing or cross-channel? differences and examples

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Internet for revolutionized trade, offering consumers a level of information without precedent, as well as a powerful means of interaction between companies and customers from around the world.

now emerging technologies improve still more this interaction. Today, there are more options than ever for businesses and customers to communicate and to conduct business with potential customers.

but how many of these options do you need to use, and what are the right ones for the customers you’re trying to achieve?

stratégie marketing multicanal

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what is multichannel marketing

the multichannel marketing offers to customers more than a way to complete a sales transaction , for example, through a retail store a Web page on the Internet or even their smartphones.

in addition, it recognizes that different consumers favour not only the individual channels, but can commonly use multiple strings throughout the buying process.

for example, a potential customer can find information on a web site, but make the purchase in a physical store.

Quest that Cross-channel marketing

cross-channel Marketing: it’s a marketing strategy whereby the different channels of distribution of a company (physical store, catalog, website, etc.) to work together rather than compete in order to gain time and efficiency.

you’ll understand, these two strategies are closely related , where possible confusions.

for companies developing, we find the, the base of any digital strategy. The idea is to develop new points of sale with the customer contact, a point of contact that may be digital but also physical.

at the time of e-commerce, very quickly we saw businesses expand their sales site online (including ready-to-wear). But the opposite way (what is called click-to-mortar) is also possible, with organizations that open their store hard (CDiscount, LDLC, Promovacances).

which uses the cross-channel and multichannel marketing

the sector companies selling in retail, finance, information technology, travel, fashion and many other industries use several channels to engage customers through

cross canal marketing

different types of business tend to favor different channels.

  • financial companies, for example, use call centres to larger scale than retail brands;
  • the catalogues, on the other hand, are often used for clothes, home products and computer products, but are not a channel for investment products.

on the other hand, almost all businesses can use the Internet as a major channel for trade and have started to integrate other technologies such as mobile commerce.

what type of customer cross-channel is effective

as the world becomes more and more connected to the Internet and mobile technology, multi-channel communications will become a normal part of trade rather than the exception.

Although many customers still prefer to interact with a single means of communication, a growing number of buyers use several ways in their buying process, and it’s these customers who buy about 30 percent more.

how to develop your multichannel marketing

multichannel marketing means to increase the points of contact with customers and achieve additional customer segments providing access points they prefer. To be effective, it is imperative that the company is working to coordinate (1) my message and (2) its data.

  • mobile
  • website
  • social networks
  • print ads
  • TV ads / radio
  • web Sites and blogs to social networks
  • direct mail / e-mail
  • Telemarketing
  • print advertising
  • television
  • radio
  • mail

  • ads on the Internet
  • and other avenues should provide consistent brand experiences.

the experiences of customers through direct sales, Web sites, call centers and retail environments should also be a consistent process, several solution or software exist for that as.

you don’t want consumers to have the impression that they interact with a different company at each point. 

then it is vital that the various channels to coordinate their data. Sales through a call center or to a Web site tend to collect more information about consumers than those made in a retail store. Storage of this information in various databases (a used by the call center, one used by the Web site, etc.) deprives a company of many opportunities to customize an experience of consumption.