MS Cloud Summit Paris: 23-January 25, 2017 [Quick Guide]

2:10 am January 5, 20177125

of 23 to January 25, 2017, in Paris, to the New Cap Conference Center, will run the MS Cloud Summit, an event over several days with lectures around many Microsoft products especially in the Cloud. In addition, for € 15 per day it is frankly gift!

What start the year 2017 and especially to follow up on the event Microsoft Experiences, which for disappointed more than one, the Microsoft community rebelled and organises itself this event!

To quote a few topics: Office 365, SQL Server 2016, Windows Server 2016, SQL Server on Linux , Azure Stack, Docker, SCCM, Microsoft ATA, SharePoint, Exchange, etc.

here is the link to the event:

feel free to sign up and enjoy these two days of conferences, especially renowned speakers will be present to share their knowledge. For my part, I would maybe and I hope to be there… I’m seeing if this falls under the 😉 agenda