MS Cloud Summit 2017: Two days in the heart of the Microsoft Cloud [Quick Guide]

11:37 pm January 28, 201713069

the first edition of the MS Cloud Summit in France ended a few days ago, because I had the chance to participate in these two days of conferences, I share with you my feelings on this event, which is clearly a success.

This event organized by different communities: aOS, GUSS, CMD, AZUG en and Agile.Net , with conferences around Microsoft’s Cloud, namely mainly around Azure and Office 365, but also other services in a way more focused as PowerBI, Intune, or Docker. Of other conferences turned itself towards the Hybrid Cloud, for example to interconnect its local Active Directory with Azure AD, SharePoint, but also a lot of conferences about SQL Server.

Two days begin with a conference in plenary, in English, by Rohan Kumar the first day, Julia White, on the second day. Both employees at Microsoft and straight out of Seattle. Well, unfortunately, the first day I missed the plenary… No obvious traffic in Paris… But I was there for Julia the next day.

After this plenary and good coffee, it was time to attack the first two conferences of the day, according to the proposed schedule. From 13:00 to 14:00, it’s the break, time during which the brain drops in temperature then it’s also time to retrieve some goodies, do a few exchanges, but also eat a part of quiche and a portion of Risotto to be reassembled for the afternoon. One afternoon during which will follow 3 one-hour lectures, so better take a few forces…

For my part, I attended the following conferences:

how to migrate to Office 365 with a complex or undergoing restructuring AD environment?
– the hyperconvergence in your data center with Windows Server
– Infrastructure in Azure, it’s like Lego
– Docker in real life
– SQL Server in a container Docker

this day is really very rewarding from a technical point of view, there was a lot of conferences with interesting topics, but impossible to be everywhere. In any case, I have not regretted my choice on conferences: the good mood and sharing of knowledge were of the party.

– check out the latest from the Development Office 365
– Migration to Azure / Cloud hybrid
– SCCM de S to M
– speed up and measure the adoption of uses

a day with a little less technical, but interesting conferences also! On the other hand, I was surprised by the content of the lecture ‘ Migration to Azure / Cloud hybrid “where in fact it was really a presentation and a demonstration of a Load-balance KEMP, and not on the migration process. Pleasantly surprised however by the conference “Accelerate and measure the adoption of practices” where we saw a demonstration of the product ‘ Collaboration IndeX “at Kimind that allows to follow its employees in adopting Cloud tools such as Office 365 and help them grow.

On both days, the conference “Docker in real life” is clearly one where I saw more people in the audience; among those that I attended.

In the end, it’s frustrating not being able to attend several conferences at the same time, because each niche choice could be difficult. 7 different conferences on each time slot, necessarily the choice is not obvious.

I hope that will be broadcast a portion of the PowerPoint used by speakers in order to obtain a minimum of information on the conferences to which I could not participate. Why not follow the path of Stanislas Quastana and Étienne Deneuve who indicated a link at the end of the conference to download support? 🙂

in conclusion, I would like to thank all the organizers, speakers, sponsors, etc… They assured! We say next year!