««Move Windows window without tips of mouse

9:43 pm May 2, 201710159

just no mouse to hand? Then you move easily with the keyboard window in Windows.

so you move a Windows keyboard

  1. press [Alt – Leertaste] .
  2. now a menu with commands around the window opens up in all versions of Windows.
  3. move to , select the point or the abbreviation [V] .

    Fenster per Menü verschieben
    Move window in Windows

  4. menu item is greyed out, you have to solve restore the window out of fullscreen mode first by .
  5. now move the window using the arrow keys. After a [Return] is the window in its new place.
  6. by default each time you press the arrow keys causes the position to change significantly. This can be the movements are fine and you position the window more precisely, press and hold the [Strg] move.

by the way: there are also some key combinations that maximize window or in a certain place slide .