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turn on mouse track “Help, I find my mouse pointer no longer!” Are you anyway? Then, read here how to change the mouse pointer in Windows and bigger make.


  1. press [Win – R] mouse pointer.
  2. tap main.cpl .
  3. now see the mouse properties. Click pointer
  4. .
  5. you open the list under schema .
  6. to enlarge the pointer, you choose for example Windows standard (large) .
  7. then click on take . You immediately see the new pointer.

you can also see click on a mouse pointer type and then select a new pointer image with search . In this way, assemble your personal collection of pointer you can save with then save as your own scheme.

Tip: you can try the option enable pointer shadow. The pointer then looks like in the previous versions of Windows and for a little shadow.

you can zoom the mouse pointer with the selection of a different scheme.

You are satisfied with the settings you have to close the window by clicking on OK .

turn on mouse trail

If you also which include regularly looking for the mouse cursor on the large screen, should enable the mouse track. Then the mouse pointer leaves a small but very good to detect trace behind. To localize the cursor faster – especially on large screens.

to switch on the mouse track proceed as follows:

  1. press [Win – R] .
  2. tap main.cpl .
  3. , click pointer options.
  4. in visibility activate the option mouse track viewing .
  5. you will find equal including a slider to set the length of the mouse track.
Option zum Einschalten der Mausspur in Windows 7
option is active to turn the mouse track in Windows 7

OK click the trace function.

Tip: If you still have problems, the mouse pointer to find, enable you display in addition cursor position when you press the CTRL key. With every button press on [Strg] a little animation appears around the mouse pointer.

continue reading here, as you can save space in the Windows taskbar.

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