Molotov: the revolution TV lands on the Store, our getting started [Exclusive Guide]

3:34 am November 10, 20167872

Molotov, is THE new application that will revolutionise the way you watch TV. Available exclusively on iOS and the Apple TV for months, the final version of the Android app is now available on the Store. And try it, it is to adopt.


you don’t know Molotov? Reminder of this new application that revolutionizes the TV. In its basic principle, Molotov for nothing extraordinary, it’s another application to watch TV Online on their smartphone. It is for the outline.

Molotov, a new way to watch TV

in detail, the application brought by Pierre Lescure and one of the pillars of Allociné, is much more than that. Because our viewing habits are completely upset with Molotov. Indeed, today when you want to watch a programme, you turn on your TV and you zap to watch what is being broadcast live. You also have the possibility to view programs already passed in the various sections of replay.

With Molotov, its creators chose to base everything on the content . UI actually emphasizes content rather than strings. What is broadcast live and the replay are all mixed to make the user chooses my program based on what interests her and not according to what’s playing at the moment T.

with a simple, effective and very intuitive interface , Molotov looks very similar to Netflix in its approach. It’s sort of Netflix to the TV. Programs, whether live or in replay are also available in various sections (films, documentaries, series, etc.). Everything is really well done and allows you to actually change my way of watching TV. However, the application is not flawless.

A few fatal flaws

a few months ago a beta version of Molotov allow Android users to discover the service. We installed it and have tested the service for several weeks. But we waited a final version to deliver our verdict.

Molotov leaves us a little on our hunger . The service is both revolutionary and frustrating to use on Android. Firstly, because some features are missing like recording for example. Molotov promised rapid deployment of this feature o how useful it will be ‘a few weeks’ .

But this is not the most annoying to use. No, what really bothers is that it is impossible with an Android smartphone to project its TV programs. Indeed, Molotov is not available on Android TV or compatible Chromecast . If you want to watch TV via Molotov it will be on your smartphone or Android tablet.

A real disappointment when we know that Molotov works on iOS, iPhone and iPad, but also on Apple TV. If you have a LG SmartTV application is also available, and it will also soon be on Samsung TVs. Of course, Molotov is available on PC, Mac and even Linux.

So yes watch a program on a smartphone or Tablet is a use which may be of interest but there would have been a real revolution if Molotov had gone far. If it had been possible to cast its content on TV or to see the available on Android TV app.

Finally, all of these faults are big gaps to make Molotov a must . On paper, the application is revolutionary, but currently this is true only for users of the Apple TV. For those who are equipped with hardware Android, we have to wait a little longer to actually enjoy. And that’s a shame.

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