Molotov: start the Android beta, Chrome receives an extension [Exclusive Guide]

12:40 am October 28, 20166387 is a service of VOD and live that began to head to revolutionize the way we conceive the french audiovisual landscape in 2016. But before that, there are still the application extends beyond its temporary exclusivity Apple. The Android beta has officially started now, while fans arranged to run the service under Chrome.


If it is a piece of mass entertainment that has taken a hit with the new technologies, it is classic television. Aging, not being the formats that young people have learned to master on the net, she loses little by little of its luster.

VOD is master in my Kingdom now, so few are young people now still having the reflex to “zap”. A french actor however wants to change:, the content distribution service audiovisual french suitable for digital use.

This one had a temporary exclusivity with Apple . But today, we learn the application in beta begins to be distributed to those is being previously registered on the site. It took, of course, be selected previously.

The official launch should not delay, especially as this beta is made even Play store and could thus open up much more quickly than expected. Don’t forget to register for the beta of Molotov now to try to recover the application on your smartphone or tablet.

The service has a Windows application, connecting to a remote site. But if you do want to use it, be aware that a Chrome extension has been programmed by users to circumvent the problem. What use Google Cast to send the stream on your TV!

A missed opportunity to Molotov is to enjoy Android TV, with devices like the Shield TV Nvidia who could make the bridge between the new and the older generation of consumers. However we expect that support of this platform will happen one day or the other.