Molotov: How to enjoy on my tv with Chromecast and Chrome [Exclusive Guide]

10:20 pm November 9, 201611351

arrived recently in beta on Android, Molotov is an application that allows you to watch live or in replay of the DTV channels. However, the application does not offer yet of support for Chromecast or Android TV , which removes a large part of its appeal. Good news: an extension, MoloChrome, proposes to use Molotov in Chrome, which then allows to cast on a Chromecast streaming service!

after a period of exclusivity on Apple TV and iOS devices, Molotov is recently arrived in beta on Android . However, it was limited compatibility with smartphones and tablets, ignoring for example the Android TV box. In order to use Molotov on a TV, an extension proposed Chromecast via Chrome compatibility.

a unofficial support

in theory, it is impossible to enjoy Molotov on a computer through the browsers, since it must go through the official app. The MoloChrome extension offers to get your browser to Molotov enforcement via a manipulation of her user agent. This allows access to the catalog of videos directly from Google Chrome on a PC.


once Molotov appears on Chrome, it then becomes possible to cast the Molotov tab through a Chromecast. Molotov may then appear on television on which the Chromecast is connected. If you are not familiar with the Chromecast, we recommend reading our guide on the subject .


However, this solution may not be very satisfactory. It is indeed to cast all your tab, and not simply ask the server to Molotov to distribute the video to your Chromecast, as in the case of a YouTube video for example. It you will possess a high flow rate, since in this case, your computer retrieves the stream of Molotov, before it again pass on your TV via your Chromecast connected to your Wi – Fi network.

lower quality

A title of information, we have tested this solution and found a poorer quality image on TV compared to computer with artifacts and delays especially when looking at live programs. An experimental feature and which clearly do not expect the same level of quality as a native Chromecast support.

pending the official support

this solution may however be interesting until the announcement of official support of the Chromecast by Molotov. A solution that remains complex to implement since it need to dedicate a PC to this task and to resign themselves to a lower quality. If you have a box under Android TV, you can always try to sideloader APK.

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