Mobile results: Google will replace the pages by their WAP version! [Exclusive Guide]

2:10 pm October 27, 201613344

if only AMP items were so far put forward by Google in the box “in the news” of its search results, the search engine via soon begin to view WAP pages in its other search results mobile.

to reach 6 months in the box ‘in the news’ of Google search results , WAP pages were so far not available outside, in the rest of the search results. Soon, this could drastically change.

with more than 150 million WAP pages in Google’s index and over 4 million new WAP pages indexed each week, Google has just announced a radical change in its own way manage WAP pages in mobile results. Soon, mobile results that will have a WAP version automatically take AMP page and no longer to the mobile page. These AMP results, which will appear in the results of mobile search only, will be differentiated from each other by the adding a “WAP” icon just below the Title tag and the beginning of the Meta Description .
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replacement of mobile pages by AMP versions in Google Mobile: what are the impacts?

when this novelty will be deployed, all compatible WAP pages will be used Google to final destination on mobile page. Google stressed the fact that mobile pages with a WAP version will not boost ranking SEO Mobile results, they will appear just with the grey ‘AMP’ icon (which could still boost their CTR).

this change could be very important for sites that have a share of significant mobile traffic (and who have the AMP technology deployed on the pages on which this traffic).

if the WAP pages can now be better monetized in their launch, they are in most cases less interesting for publishers than traditional mobile pages. During this change, each Publisher must determine whether or not, AMP has interest enough for him to justify redirect almost all mobile traffic to this page (especially valid for editorials and blogging sites) type.

arrival of WAP pages in mobile results: what launch date?

the arrival of WAP pages in mobile search results other than the results “in the news” should be done at year end according to Google . The search engine leaves a little time to reap returns on the part of its users.


Mobile results: Google will replace the pages by their WAP version!

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