Mobile First Google index: a deployment planned in “a few months”! [Exclusive Guide]

4:15 pm March 27, 201711177

Google, through Gary Illyes, announced that the launch of its First Mobile Index would take place in “a few months” and that the search engine was to date, not satisfied with first tests.

the Mobile Google First Index: what is it?

a reminder, the index mobile first is for Google to take into account only mobile sites in the calculation of the positions and not just the Desktop versions as is still the case today. Currently, Google is based on many indicators of Desktop sites to position both the Desktop versions, but also the Tablet and Mobile versions. After the deployment of the mobile index first, it will be the opposite.

with more than half of the research now done on mobile, Google wishes to completely review my way to calculate the relevance of its search results based only on the content, links, metadata and structured data of mobile sites.

, once deployed, the mobile index first position so the sites Desktop and Mobile based on mobile signals .

a deployment plan in “a few months” when the results will be ‘neutral quality’

at the SMX West conference which was held from 21 to March 23 in San Jose, Gary Illyes, webmaster trends analyst for Google, announced that search engine was still in phase of tests on the mobile index .

the representative of Google also announced that Google was seeking “neutral quality” results during the deployment. In other words, Google is now generally satisfied with the results returned by the search engine on Desktop and Mobile, so he wants to get with this new index mobile first results at least as good quality. Date, Google is still struggling to get results as good as the mobile sites generally have less content, less links, months of structured data and less metadata than the desktop sites. Google wants to replace the missing indicators on mobile by new indicators.

the 3 recommendations from Google regarding the passage of its index in mobile first

if Gary Illyes said that responsive sites have less to worry about than others, he also gave 3 tips to prepare for this big change:

  • 1 – make sure your mobile site for content that you want to position yourself
  • 2 – make sure structured data are also on your mobile site
  • 3 – make sure you add annotations rel = your mobile site (canonical, hreflang, alternate…)

Google should soon return to the webmasters with more details and advice on the last 2 points.

a formal deployment date for the index mobile first?

if Google for still not provided official for its mobile index launch date first, teams working on the project have however in order to deploy it in 2017 , so there chances that this deployment takes place during the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year as long as teams of Google are able to get satisfactory tests their research results.


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