Messenger: Facebook lance M, my own assistant virtual [Exclusive Guide]

2:57 am April 8, 201711438

the Facebook giant launched Thursday its own assistant virutel for its Messenger application. Baptized M this is based on artificial intelligence. He is able to go into the conversations suggest users with different functions. 

facebook messenger m assistant virutel

after announcing it in 2015 , Facebook finally launching my virtual assistant for Messenger Instant Messaging. Referred to as M, this voice assistant based on artificial intelligence is now available in the United States for users of Messenger for Android and iOS. It will be soon available in other countries, but is not yet a date.

Facebook M Messenger, a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence

M is a virtual assistant of artificial intelligence which suggests useful actions in your e-mail. These suggestions appear when the AI recognize a context where provides an intention in a conversation, and can be many and varied.

The M logo appears and may propose to choose a sticker to send “Thank you” or “Goodbye”. The wizard can even recognize when users talk about money and can offer either asking for money to send. It can also suggest to share your location, create and plan events, start a poll in a conversation of the group or to order a race with Uber or Lyft.

Of course, this remains suggestions and you can either accept, decline, or ignore the proposal and it is even possible to easily disable the wizard in order to no longer be disturbed in the application settings. Subsequently other features and suggestions will improve artificial intelligence via updates.

M is a competing voice assistant of Google Now, Siri, and Cortana that will facilitate the use of Messenger and discover many features they did not yet know the 1 billion monthly users of the application.