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8:20 pm February 28, 20176196

so you notice how much memory for Windows. You need to screw up not the PC, Windows shows you everything you need to know.

Memory Windows determine

  1. enter Control Panel in Windows search.
  2. Select system and safety – system .
  3. You will see a listing of the built-in hardware.
  4. Memory installed on is how much RAM in your computer is built.

To let Tip: Easily show the Hardware overview, you can press [Win – Pause] .

Attention: For 32-bit systems (Windows 7) the memory is limited mathematically to 4 GByte. Generally, 3.5 GB installed are displayed. 64-bit systems (from Windows 7) can deal with more memory.

Windows Arbeitsspeicher ermitteln
In the basic information of Windows, you can determine the memory


  1. determine free space, press [Strg – Alt – Entf]
  2. select Task Manager .
  3. Click performance .
  4. Finally, click on memory .
Anzeige freier Speicher in Windows
With a few clicks, you can see how much memory is currently in Windows are free.

Tip: Under the performance find tab next to the current processor load is also information how much memory currently allocated. The Task Manager shows a full of memory usage constantly, you should think about an extension.

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