Manual penalties for sites offering widgets with dofollow links! [Exclusive Guide]

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Google warns widgets publishers who try to manipulate the Google PageRank with dofollow links inserted automatically, without the consent of the webmaster.

Google has just published a reminder on its official blog for webmasters to warn internet sites offering free to other sites the integration of widgets that insert, without the agreement of the webmaster, backlinks dofollow to their site, with optimized anchors.

Matt Cutts said in 2012 in a video published on YouTube Google don’t like the unnatural links added automatically by a third party on a site, the editor did not actually have the choice and cannot change it.

if one could think that algorithmic as Google Penguin filters would be enough to put an end to these practices by penalizing sites originally these widgets, the fact that Google take the trouble to a section in 2016 proves that their algorithms are not always perfectly able to combat this practice, which is yet not yesterday.

However, in the latter article, Google announced clearly that manual actions will be undertaken (or are being carried out) to punish sites that offer widgets with suroptimisés dofollow links integrated hard inside the widget without that the webmaster integrating it cannot remove it or pass it in nofollow.

examples of widgets noncompliant with the Google quality guidelines:

widgets google pénalisation

you create widgets? What are the SEO best practices?

for the creators of widgets, the rule is quite simple: Google does not want to become one hard of backlinks to your website on anchors optimized dofollow. These links that manipulate the Google PageRank is naturally placed by a website, Google are considered so contrary to my instructions of quality artificial links.

the engine search wish so all the returns achieved since Widgets links are nofollow . Otherwise, Google says that you can also remove them to avoid manual penalty (which we do not recommend you do).

if these practices are not followed, you might sooner or later a manual penalty from Google.

risks for publishers that integrate this type of widgets?

ideally, Google would like publishers to be more vigilant about the widgets that they incorporate to do not add those who use such practices. Also, Google instructs webmasters to nofollow those links or remove them when they have the opportunity (which is rare).

in any case, is not the editors who add widgets to their sites that are covered by shares manual but rather the sites that generate these widgets .


manual penalties for sites offering widgets with dofollow links!

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