Manage your tasks in a simple and effective way with Swipes! [Exclusive Guide]

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in the long list of task management applications, there is an application which, I believe, is distinguished by its simplicity and effectiveness. This application called Swipes (tiens notamment son nom dele de geste de balayage) deserves to gain notoriety, notably through the quality of its interface.

Swipes and competition

if like me you have spent a bit of time to find an app to manage your tasks, I guess you had to be somewhat “drowned out” by the amount of application available on this sector…

for information I already do some articles on applications of this kind with Wunderlist or even Google Keep . Despite my many attempts, I have not found a solution that fully meets my need.

I discovered Swipes . A purely-centric application management tasks and in addition, combining perfectly with Evernote . It is perfect for managing its personal tasks.

small introduction to the interface of swipes

manage its tasks with Swipes

Swipes for all the criteria that make it a great productivity app. It deals with managing our tasks and does it well.

the interface is very nice to use, especially by its simplicity and its sobriety. This makes it very simple to create a task, to add a label to define the best time to treat and validate its realization.

after creating a task simply perform a scan (to the right or left) on the task to manage. Namely:

  • validate with a task: sweep to the right.
  • schedule the task at another time (recall) : sweep to the left.

this method of operation to effectively maximize our time. This operation is particularly based on the famous organization GTD method (Getting Thing Done) David Allen (voir également mon article sur la méthode GTD avec Gmail) .

to give you a preview, here is a small demonstration of the application with the animation below.

create a list of tasks with Swipes

after a straight scan you can choose one of the options above.

an interesting association with Evernote and Gmail

personally another point that I like about this application is its interaction with Evernote and Gmail.

as you could expect if you’ve already read a few articles on the site, I especially appreciate the Evernote solution that allows me to manage all of my notes. 🙂

of course, I could satisfy me EverNote to manage both my notes and my tasks, but I prefer to leave to Swipes the care to manage my tasks and leave Evernote specifically manage my notes .

thanks to this strong association, it is possible with Swipes to add a list of items to do since a note created on Evernote.

Swipes combines perfectly with Evernote to validate our to-do list.

Swipes also proposes to improve our productivity by transforming emails received from our Gmail inbox in the task.

it is possible by combining the two applications to transfer an email to Swipes, define the right time to complete the task and finally to validate. Interesting method to handle all its tasks in one place (En savoir plus…) .

just turn your notes into tasks from Gmail to Swipes.

If you are interested in the optimization of the management of your emails, I would also suggest this article 😉: how to manage effectively and simply voicemail…

available on numerous media

another interest of the solution, it is possible to create notes from many different places. The tasks will be recorded on your account and synchronized across your computer media (Smartphone, Tablette, PC/Mac,…) .

Swipes is available on many systems and media


you’ll understand that I very much appreciate this small tasks 😉 management application. There are obviously many other way to function as effective and relevant (je pense notamment à Wunderlist,,, etc…) . but this application fits perfectly to my way of thinking and working.

my opinion Swipes is one of the best solutions of management tasks currently available on the market. Congratulations to the friendly team at the origin of this application that for worked hard to provide us with a solution both simple, effective, and enjoyable to use. 🙂

finally here is the official video of the application.

you use this solution or another to manage your tasks? Feel free to let me know of your views and methods in the comments below!

sources: swipesblog , swipesapp .

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