Manage your connections SSH, VNC and FTP with Royal TSX [Quick Guide]

7:35 pm April 12, 201710744

it’s been several weeks that I was looking for an app on macOS to manage easily all of my servers with a system of shortcuts. After a quick tour and a survey on the web, I came across Royal TSX: a very complete and nice app visually. Let me introduce it to you!

Presentation of Royal TSX

If you tweak on servers, you certainly to find yourself in this situation: it is what IP address, what is the root password or even how to access the Webmin quickly? Certainly, it is managers of passwords or even key SSH you might say but this is very ergonomic for my taste, I wanted something simple, a bit like a browser with shortcuts.

I then discovered Royal TSX , this application supports several protocols like SSH, VNC, FTP, SFTP, or TeamViewer. The idea is to have the possibility of grouping in a same app SSH access your server FTP client , via track Monit and access to Webmin for example.

The app works with a system of plugins just install (they are all free). You have iTerm 2 for SSH, a WebKit base for the internal browser, Chicken of the VNC, etc. In summary, you can see Royal TSX as a big container.

That is why one can view the console Webmin (normally found in a browser) without problem. You will not have 1Password, but there is a similar system to come back automatically login to access a web page for example.

Features of the application

there are also many interesting features:

  • possibility to share the document (include your Favorites) + synchronization via Dropbox.
  • Many of the available protocols: SSH, FTP, VNC, VMware, PowerShell, TeamViewer, etc.
  • totally customizable Favorites (files, icons, colors, etc).
  • Encryption of the document via a password.
  • Launch of commands and/or scripts.
  • Creation of system tasks (ex: restart of Apache).

I was really attracted to my side by the Customizing Favorites . You can really do what you want to create the organization that was visually. Here is an example from the web site to give you an idea with several machines.

Adding an SSH connection

I end this presentation with a quick explanation to add an SSH connection. Firstly, it should be that the plugin iTerm 2 is installed. Then, go to options then in Terminal. Learn more in this place the IP address or the domain name of your machine as well as the port (by default it is 22 in SSH).

By the way, I recommend you to associate a domain name to your server, always more convenient to remember that an IP address, you can buy them at good price on 1and1 for example.

Then, go to the tab Credentials . It is here to fill in the username and the password of your server. Simply to apply the settings and start the connection. Normally, it for to work the first time, if this isn’t the case, re – check your settings.

You can then configure the colors, fonts and appearance of your terminal. I recommend you do it well once to duplicate your configuration after. I also added some commands to run just after opening the connection, very convenient!


I hope you enjoyed this little presentation. If you want to test Royal TSX , there is a version free e and a paid version at 35 euros . Although the free version is sufficient for personal use, the paid version worth (unlimited documents and connections). In addition, the app updates are very frequent (1-2 times a week) and support is very responsive!