MailPoet 3 for WordPress: test the beta version of the plugin [Quick Guide]

11:47 am April 20, 20179726

you probably know already MailPoet , this free extension that allows you to create and send newsletters of quality from your WordPress site…

Do you know that for a few months already is preparing a new version? It’s MailPoet 3 which is currently available in beta version on the official WordPress plugins directory.

Mailpoet3 - beta version

What will be new? There you it changes?  The answer is yes ! And we will see it together…

1. The main menu of MailPoet 3’s revamped

Onglet réglages

which is obvious at first glance, it is the redevelopment of the main menu in MailPoet 3 . The tab Newsletter becomes email , the Forms tab and tab lists finally make their appearance. The tabs subscribers and settings, for their part, have not moved. Finally, the tab Premium is missing…

2. Appearance of a shipping service

Type envoi MailPoet

is definitely the novelty of this MailPoet 3 : the creation of a premium shipping service is now available from the tab settings > Send with… . with version 2, we had only two choices: send newsletters with our site or well using a third party… The team of developers is certainly said “why not become the third?” … And indeed, it was wise.

In the future, you can then use the sending of newsletters from €5 / month. Prices are calculated based on the number of subscribers as you can see on the screenshot below. Otherwise, you can visit the official page .

Mailpoet - sending service

3. The “Subscribers” tab is simplified Onglet abonnés MailPoet

in version 2, it was from the tab subscribers that we could manage our subscriber lists. As this sub-tab lists for been moved to the main menu, tab subscriber becomes simpler and clearer with only three options: Add , import or export . No other news around here…

4. The ‘lists’ are well distinct

Listes MailPoet

in response to the realignment of the tab subscribers , tab lists appears now in the main menu directly. Indeed, in version 2 this tab was but it was always annoying to remember its location! Now, it’s clear, more need to look for: in MailPoet 3 , an effort for been made to improve the user experience (UX) and it is very significant.

5. Creating a form becomes more effective Formulaire MailPoet 3

in version 2 of MailPoet, the forms tab was in the settings tab > Forms. Now, it is directly accessible from the main menu and its appearance changed somewhat… In MailPoet 3 , you can always build your form by “Drag & Drop” by dragging fields to the place where you want. Then this is where you can set the action to take after the form is submitted: message to appear or landing page, that option was not available in version 2.

In addition, integration of the form methods are a little more explicit thanks to the section “introduction of the form” which clearly proposes to integrate it in a widget or using a shortcode (in version 2, this was least put forward). Finally, the new section “ Style” will allow you to easily change and simply the appearance of your forms using a bit of CSS.

I think improving on this tab will only appeal to beginners because the old version of the extension was a little less intuitive…

6. Diversifies the type of delivery

Mailpoet - Newsletter Email

in version 2, we could send only newsletters… In MailPoet 3 , this time is over… Indeed, you can always set your Newsletters but also of the welcome and email Notifications of recent article. some really interesting features! Be able to send welcome emails is really a plus for a website or a blog, you can get a message, a promotion or other information that would not have been effective if they had been sent by newsletter.

As for the article Notifications, it will be certainly more “glamorous” as automatic sending proposed by WordPress (subscription to the blog).

7. A new interface to create your newsletters

Nouveautes newsletter mailpoet-3

once you have chosen for your type of preferred mailing (email welcome, newsletter) or notification of article, you reach a page offering a dozen different templates. The downside is that you will land on the same page that you have clicked on email as on newsletter or notification… Why not have singled out them? In short, this does not prevent you to choose your appropriate template and begin your customization.

For this, you will discover a refined and neat interface which offers some interesting new features in addition to those that existed in version 2, it can be noted:

  • the ability to manage blocks of “framing”: one, two or three columns can be added to a section. This will allow you to achieve more structured layouts.
  • the arrival of a “spacing” widget will allow you to add a blank space between your sections. This space is set in pixel.
  • the appearance of the “Button” feature… And Yes, in version 2, this call to action was sorely lacking! In MailPoet 3, this option will simplify your life…
  • improvement of social networking options: Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Email and Web Site are finally added to the classic social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google +) that were available in version 2. As a bonus, you will have the ability to add networks of your choice and even your favorite thanks to the ‘Custom’ option icons. Finally, the proposed styles become more elegant and less “cheesy”!

in conclusion…

In my opinion, this new version of MailPoet offers a true “dusting” and is very promising! This can still change since this plugin is under development and that since the official release of the beta in October 2016, there is a weekly update: so far this is the version 3.0.0 – beta.24 which is available.

Like all beta versions, to be careful. However, if you want, you also, to test this version 3 of MailPoet, it is best to do this in a local environment, also the developers of the extension you warn:

“Use at your own risk! Use the current stable MailPoet instead of this version if you are not a power user “ (translation:”at your own risk!) ” Use the stable version of MailPoet instead of this beta version if you are not an advanced user”)

for the more cautious, it will have to wait for the official version, which is expected to happen during the month of June 2017. The transition from version 2 to version 3 must be done using a migration script… Stay tuned!