Mac: set up password and change

9:21 am April 22, 20179030

already during the installation, you can set up a password on your Mac. It is also highly recommended. Because especially notebooks, which are used on the road are seldom against data theft. Read here how to subsequently set a password or change.

here continue reading, if you a new user set up want.

Password Setup and change – so

If you want to set up a new password, go go above you so:

  1. run system settings. Click users & groups
  2. .
  3. click right next to your profile picture on change password.
  4. enter – if available – an old password.
  5. then enter the new password and repeat it with a line below.
  6. – write including if you want – even a hint in the field.

Tip: in addition to the new password field, you will find a small key. Clicking on it shows good suggestions for strong passwords.

Mac Passwort ändern
in the system settings you can change the Mac password – and himself with proposals help can be.

To back up your MacBook on the go

for use on the road you should secure your MacBook. In particular, it makes sense to disable Autologon . These steps help here:

  1. open the system preferences and in it user & group .
  2. , click login options.
  3. make sure, that the entry disables automatic login to .
  4. , open system preferences the Security – General .
  5. make sure that the option disable automatic login is turned on. Each time is then asked for a password.
  6. also password should be required active. In the list behind it, set a period the MacBook at rest must spend before it wants a password when waking up.
  7. the highest security, leave the value on immediately . If the permanent new input is bugging you, you set the value to 1 minute or 5 minutes .

, see the next post as you load programs automatically at startup of Mac.