Mac: Rename files – multiple

12:50 pm April 20, 201712670

rename the files among the basic functions on the Mac. You can type new name individual files from the Finder, or more on a slip. This is especially handy if you want to rename several photos.

Mac OS: file rename

  1. to rename a file on a Mac, click the Finder once on the file, so that the file name will appear blue indicator.
  2. then you touch the button [Return] . Now, the file name appears light blue background.
  3. , type a new file name. Then tap again [Return] . If you have changed also the file extension, it may be that you have to confirm the change yet once extra.
Dateiname vor dem Umbenennen
file name before renaming

reading Tip: so you see all files the file extensions .

rename multiple files in the Finder

here an example of how you rename several photos:

  1. you select the files in the Finder.
  2. click once with the right mouse button on one of the selected files and select XX rename objects. (Instead of XX is the number of files selected by you)
  3. then you will see a window where you can choose from three options:
    • text replace (replaced parts of the original name) add
    • text (text attaches before or after the name).
    • format (allows to add numbers or dates to a file name. This is handy if you want to create larger series of similar files, such as photos)
  4. with a click on rename the files get new names.
Mit der Option Format kann man Zähler oder Datumsangaben zu Dateien hinzufügen
with the format option can you add

you read here, how you make a screenshot on Mac counter or dates on files.

multiple files rename with better rename

“better rename” allows to rename files for many patterns. Unfortunately, the program cost less than 20 euros. But for power users better rename is worth still have the money. It makes the work easier.

App Better Rename auf dem Mac I prefer the umzubennenden files or folder
app better Rename on the Mac

in the right pane of the window, then I choose the Umbennenungs mode left.

rename modes most I need the numbering: the files get a name and every single file in a sequential number. But in the new names can also

  • dates, about the date of
  • name of the parent directories
  • metadata such as EXIF and MP3 tags
  • numbers
  • image sizes
  • take

  • replace operations using regular expressions