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with this tip you can find out quickly the graphics card, which is your iMac or MacBook.

what video card is in my Mac?

  1. click the left top on the Mac the Apple icon
  2. screen, select about this Mac . Here you see already the installed graphics card.
  3. If you want to know more, click System report to .
  4. choose item graphics/displays and you see the name of the installed graphics card in the right window pane.
  5. information about the bus type of the installed memory and the manufacturer will find equal among them.
Mac Grafikkarte herausfinden
you get exact details of the Mac graphics card in the system information.

In many newer Macs, you will find two graphics cards. One sits on the motherboard and is intended for normal operation with Office programs. The other graphics card switches to games or other graphically complex applications, such as video editing.

find out

used graphics card to determine which program what graphics card in use proceed as follows:

  1. in programs – utilities , open the app activity indicator . power
  2. , click the tab.
  3. now see a list of currently running programs.
  4. falls under requires a high performance GPU yes , is the fast graphics card in use in the respective app.

in the next tip you read, how you on a Windows based computer, the video card determine .

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